You always have to keep in your mind and consider it’s not just about selling your products. But at the same time it is also about ensuring you keep it smooth as the products range in the market and as there is growth in customer’s base.

WooCommerce Inventory Management

Inventory management serves as a very important aspect of the supply chain process. A study conducted showed that it is near around 43% of small businesses. Who do happen to track down inventory at all. If you happen to have poor inventory management it result would lead to a lot of loss for you.

  • You might happen to miss sales and lose customers eventually. If you don’t happen to focus on your inventory management, then it would be a loss to you. For this not to occur. You can have some extra stock for such products which are in high demand especially in a peak buying season.
  • Delayed deliveries also is another major problem. If you want to run an ecommerce business, fulfilling orders in a timely manner is very important.

For your WooCommerce store to run effectively and efficiently, you need to keep in mind various factors. Let us look at some of the WooCommerce Inventory; Management Best Practices below.

1. Chosee a good hosting plan:

If you are able to locate a customer who is found to be a potential customer, then there are chances that he or she will buy your products very fast at your store. But if the same thing occurs on your site and if your site is slow then there is a high probability that you will leave your site and look out for similar kinds of options somewhere else.

Therefore, for such a situation not to occur, choosing a good hosting plan is very much necessary.

If you are someone who has just in the process of starting up with your WooCommerce store then you go for a hosting plan which is quite expensive. But as you move up with your sales and there is an increase in your sales then you need to have a very good hosting plan.

How to know that the hosting plan which you are using is right?

  • Analyze the reports which are available that tells you as to how your website is using the required resources
  • If found low speed is to located the reason behind the same and rethink your hosting strategy

2. Work on your updates in a proper manner

When you are working in a WooCommerce WoodPress, you cannot think of ignoring updates.

Regular updates are a must which happens to fix bugs of any kind, and enhances the security at a much stronger level.

3. Never keep a site outdated

If your site is outdated then there lies a high probability of it being much more vulnerable to different kinds, security issues, bug issues, and so on. It gives your site much more chance to be attacked by any kind of malicious attacks. Just take into consideration, for instance, if any attacker is able to hack your WooCommerce store, then that would affect your reputation.

Always run updates on your sites on a regular basis. you can even create up a manual backup of your site before updating.

4. Security of your site

For WooCommerce store owners, security is one of the major concerns. Maintaining security should always be your top most priority. Always ensure to stop any malicious attacks and harms or viruses of any kind.

Maintain strong passwords on your site. Use passwords which have a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Further, to ensure more security to your site, a good idea is to come up with Two-factor authentication. You can use google authenticator which is a free tool. Which can be incorporated to come up with Two-factor authentication on your store.

5. Customer support

For the success of a WooCommerce store, good customer support is a very important tool. You can make options such as integration of live chats facility. Further you can even avoid the inconvenience of paying monthly if you happen to choose upon a WordPress plugin to integrate customer support.

6.  Managing products

Updating your stock on a regular basis is very much important. If you happen to keep a product in your catalog which is not available. Is out of date then there are high chances that the customer would have not a good image of your site. So, if you have to avoid this, then updating your stock on a regular basis is very important along with removing the out of stock products from your list of products.

7.  Keeping only those plugins which is relevant

When you are running a WooCommerce store, plugins are of utmost importance. But often in the WordPress there is very much easy availability of plugins. Which makes a great aptness to overuse plugins.

Always one should bear in mind to install such a plugin who has the capability to add functionality to your WooCommerce store. Further, you should keep on checking various plugins on a regular basis and the ones which are no more useful should be removed on a timely basis.

Best WooCommerce Inventory Plugins:

  1. WooPOS: It has inventory management, has built in customary relationship manager (CRM)to enhance customer service, a cloud database in order to monitor inventory, robust POS system.
  2. WooCommerce Stock Manager: The major task of WooCommerce out of stock manager is to provide custom notifications for low inventory levels. Along with that it has various other features such as that it sends out email notifications. When a product crosses the low-stock threshold, enabling multiple low stock values for products.
  3. Smart Manager for WooCommerce: Smart Manager for WooCommerce has in itself features such as infinite scrolling for easy navigation, has a lot of powerful editing tools in bulk which has the power to edit many items at once, the ability to export inventory as CSV.


A lot of factors are needed to be kept in mind when it comes to managing a WooCommerce store.

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