Are you someone who is looking for the best woocommerce Image Zoom Plugins? Are you thinking of adding a zoom option over your eCommerce products and items on your website?

Let us help you in the same. Below are some of the best WooCommerce Product image zoom plugins which are available for you to use.

Benefits of using WooCommerce Product Image Zoom Plugins

  • Allow your visitors to observe your product images by zooming from different angles.
  • Convert your customers into potential customers
  • Increase chances of more visitors coming back again and again to your website
  • Improves your website’s usability
  • Lets your customers have a better experience and view of the products with the zoom feature
  • Enhances your sale and revenue to a large extent

7 Best WooCommerce Product Image Zoom Plugins

1. Magic Zoom Plus WooCommerce Plugin

Magic Zoom Plus

Magic zoom plus WooCommerce plugin is fully responsive which is very simple and easy to use. It works perfectly well with all the devices and is fully compatible with all devices, thereby making it a mobile-friendly plugin.

Apart from these, it comes loaded with multiple features such as you don’t have to add any extra libraries or jQuery essentials. Since its compatibility is very good.

  • It supports SEO friendly URLs
  • Protects your image from being copied
  • Enhance your conversion rates with your more customers coming often thereby converting them into potential customers
  • Place this extension anywhere you feel necessary to have including category pages, search results, or popular blocks.

2. YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier WordPress plugin

YITH WooCommerce Product Gallery and Image Zoom

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier WordPress plugin allows your visitors to zoom your store products on mouseover from different angles on your website. This allows them to have a look at the smallest view of your product and item with minute details with ease.

  • Let’s set the size of the zoom area
  • It is integrated with WPML
  • Also, it can be translated to any language of your choice
  • It also allows you to position the thumbnail with the custom templates
  • Add a zoom feature to your products
  • Customize Carousel behavior
  • It is SEO optimized
  • It has a very high and powerful security feature that does not allow a copy of the image

3. WPB WooCommerce Image Zoom PRO

WPB WooCommerce Image Zoom

With the WooCommerce image zoom plugin, you have the option of doing multiple things 1 solution. It activates product image zoom on hover on the product image, showcases image in full-screen lightbox in a single click, and also lets you have a 360-degree product image rotation. Isn’t this so amazing?

  • Magnify product images
  • Set zooming feature quickly
  • Moreover, it works with all the WordPress themes
  • It is also highly customizable
  • Lets you find reliable customer support through free installation
  • Highly compatible with all the themes

4. WP Image Zoom Plugin

WP Image Zoom Plugin

WP image zoom plugin is another top best and highly recommended WooCommerce product image zoom plugin which you should try and use yourself and explore its features in great detail.

It lets your visitors have a thorough look at the details of your pictures.

  • Offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of configuration
  • Enable zooming as the movement of the cursor of the mouse occurs on the image.
  • Moreover, it lets you add zooming experience to have a more in-depth detail of the product or item
  • Allows a lot of effects on different parts of images giving it a more attractive look

5. Motif Zoom Magnifier

Motif Zoom Magnifier

If you are someone who is running an ECommerce store powered by WooCommerce or WordPress, then Motif Zoom Magnifier is a must-try and install the plugin right away.

This plugin has a lot of features which makes it to be one of the best WooCommerce product image zoom plugins. It also allows you to set up the zooming features with utmost ease.

  • Images of your products get displayed
  • Moreover, it provides a great user experience to your customer
  • Lets you retain customers for the long run
  • Provides with 4 types of zooming effects which are inner zoom, round lens, square lens, and outer zoom

6. Mega Zoom & Pan Viewer 

Mega Zoom & Pan Viewer 

Mega Zoom & Pan Viewer plugin comes loaded with a number of great features making it to be one of the best WooCommerce product image zoom plugins.

  • Supports high-quality image
  • Provides with high resolution of your image and product with in-depth details
  • Moreover, it provides your customers with a better zooming experience
  • Increase your chances of converting your customers into reliable customers
  • Easy to user interface\
  • speed of zoom-in or zoom-out is highly customizable

7. Product Image Zoom for WooCommerce

Product Image Zoom for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Image Zoom is an essential element for any eCommerce site with WooCommerce. Moreover, it leads to better conversions.

  • Has the ability to customize the zooming feature
  • the better size image display
  • Highly compatible with WP themes
  • Very lightweight plugin
  • Moreover, it is easy to use and install the plugin
  • Easily customizable
  • Lets you add magnification to the product
  • Highly responsive plugin


Above we have mentioned to you a few best and highly recommended WooCommerce product image zoom plugins which you can use and look at its features yourself. Give these plugins a try. So what are you waiting for?? Install them right away and experience them yourself.

Feel free to give us any suggestions or comments.

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