The wait has finally came to an end, and the WooCommerce 3.7 version is now officially available. The development of this version was under action since April 2019. Around 22 contributors provided thousands of commits for this version. It is the first minor release that aims to provide a more stable, efficient and frequent WooCommerce version.

WooCommerce 3.7 release is like a team player. As a minor release, it works alongside maintaining compatibility with all older WooCommerce releases since 3.0. Although, the users must check the compatibility and keeps backups before making any updates. This new version mainly targets performance improvements. Moreover, it has new WooCommerce Products Blocks, an additional content section in emails, and coupon code generation functionality. Let’s discuss all of its mind-blowing features in detail.

WooCommerce 3.7 in detail

This minor release has brought many features for security and performance enhancements. So, let’s start with its product blocks.

1. WooCommerce Product Blocks

product blocks, WooCommerce 3.7

This new version has many new enhanced product blocks for the users. With the product blocks, users can easily combine content and products on posts and pages. The blocks are now branded for convenient exposure. It has added a new focal point picker on the featured product block. Moreover, it offers product categories blocks, product tags block, product categories list, best selling product block, etc. There are also some performance improvements for up products and on loading block assets. However, to use these blocks, you should have WordPress 5.1+ or the Gutenberg’s latest editor plugin.

2. Minimum requirements for new PHP and WordPress

The release of WooCommerce 3.7 has increased the level of PHP and WordPress versions. The minimum required version of PHP is 5.6 and WordPress is 4.9 which will change soon to 5.0. These changes will assure the security of the stores. Moreover, store builders can take advantage of new features. Working with new versions will also increase the efficiency quotient. There is also an addition of nudges in WooCommerce 3.6 to update the WordPress and PHP versions.

3. New email settings

Additional content section, WooCommerce 3.7

WooCommerce 3.7 has added a new separate content section on every email templates. It doesn’t have the “Thanks” section anymore. Now the users can add words with the Email settings in any email. Overriding the templates is no more required.

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4. Auto Coupon settings

auto-generate coupon code

This release also has functions for generating coupon codes in the Coupon admin pages. You can add a description to your coupon for a better reach. Moreover, you can choose, discount type, its amount, expiry dates, etc. Is n’t it amazing?  Now with just a few clicks, you can easily generate coupon codes. You can also change the default action of the coupon code setting as per your need.

5. Package system

As we know that this release has made changes in PHP minimum requirements. Subsequently, this change will also enable composers for certain features that aren’t created in the WooCommerce core plugin. Features like REST, API and the product blocks of WooCommerce will not have to make any changes. These packages will be available and functional in all the releases.

6. Performance enhancements

WooCommerce has gone under several changes and improvements regarding the performance. Now with WooCommerce 3.7 release, you can find all the major improvements within it. It has a new tax table to offer its users. The release has lessened the number of queries to avoid clutter variations. Additionally, it has removed the action scheduler task from comments, queries, reviews to speed up the page. It will reinforce the WooCommerce efficiency as never before.

Hold on! Before you start rushing, let’s know some important facts to update your WooCommerce to 3.7 version.

Important: As a minor version, WooCommerce 3.7 is compatible with previous versions but it is better to keep backups before updates. ‘Prevention is better than cure” keep that in mind.

You will need to make some post-update database upgrade routine after the main updating. It will work for a while if you are having a large amount of in the database. In case you have huge databases, its better to make the upgrade routine with the WP CLI  command. Do not use the admin interface.

That’s all about WooCommerce 3.7 release. We hope, you found it useful and will return for more such articles.

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