WordPress offers a treasure of plugins to its users to make the website better in any way possible. There are plenty of plugins that can help you improve your website’s performance, security, and design. However, there are some plugins that may not fit your budget plan. We know, it’s a bit hard to decide from tens of thousands of plugins to choose from. Therefore, we’ve brought you a list of free WordPress plugins that will improve your website functionality.

These WordPress plugins are free but are experts recommendation for any growing website. Even if you’re an amateur WordPress user, you can use these plugins easily. With the use of these plugins, your website can withstand in the era of huge competition. So, what are you waiting for, let’s begin?

10 best/free WordPress plugins to work with

Today, we’ll discuss some best and free WordPress plugins to enhance your website.

1. Gutenberg Blocks Templates

This plugin provides its user with ready-made template designs. Gutenberg blocks templates have over 50 pre-made professional templates in its design library. The templates are designed based on the features of core Gutenberg and are, therefore, a useful plugin for designing. This plugin is way too easy to operate, you just need to make a click to add templates.

This free WordPress plugin offers a menu for categorizing different content elements or parts. With this menu, you can add and customize headers & footers, columns, lists, rows, testimonials, etc. It will make your website look organized and clean. Additionally, it doesn’t infect your website’s speed with its designs. The plugin of this design is flexible enough to cooperate with other block-based plugins too.

Gutenberg blocks template


2. WordPress AMP

The WordPress AMP plugin enhances website functioning on mobile devices. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it aims to improve the mobile web experience for users. This plugin uses AMP-based pages that don’t take all your time, just a few seconds to load. It removes bulky elements from the source code of your website. It will not take away the essence of your website as it supports various other content elements.

This plugin professionally handles all the non-canonical AMP URLs’ problems. The plugin can inherit the native design of your WordPress theme. We all are aware of the mobile era and to grow your business you need to be on the mobile and with efficiency. So, WordPress AMP is the option to choose.



3. CoBlocks

“Content is king”, we’ll have heard of this phrase and that’s true. The CoBlocks plugin helps to create content and edit it with many features. The plugin has both traditional and multiple unique blocks with many features. The traditional blocks have galleries and different icons. However, multiple unique blocks have the contact form block, the media card, click-to-tweet block, etc.

Additionally, the plugin can insert a configuration panel filled with features in every block. This feature will enable the user to add small details to the content elements.



4. W3 Total Cache

The W3 Total Cache is one of the known players in this field. As its name suggests, the plugin offers cached website pages that are easier to load. The cached website pages just need a few server resources in comparison to the dynamic pages. This plugin works to enhance the speed of your website. Also, the plugin helps in compressing heavy parts of the website to save your bandwidth.

The plugin enables to access page cache, browser cache, CDN, monitoring, etc. The best part is, you do not have to pay a penny for the caching feature.

W3 Total Cache


5. Facebook Comments

We’ll know readers or customer engagement on a website is one of the important aspects of any business. Engaging comments are one of the best ways to increase customer interest. However, many commenting systems bring other problems along with it like spam, clutter, and reluctant registration.

Facebook Comments is one of the best commenting systems you can rely on. Any of your customers or visitor can easily make comments through their Facebook profiles. It eliminates the extra efforts of commenting processes. Now your customers can easily share their views while enjoying their personal space.  Also, you can make various changes like color schemes, text color, font, etc. The user can also deactivate the plugin on selected pages.

Facebook Comments


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6. Yoast SEO

As its name suggests, the plugin helps to improve the SEO score of your website. Yoast SEO is a perk of using WordPress. You do not have to deal with the complexity of SEO, as everything is set according to its instructions. This plugin allows the user to have control over the keywords, SEO titles, descriptions, images, etc. There are many more options like sitemaps, SEO compatible permalinks, page navigation, etc. This plugin helps you to easily make your website SEO-friendly like a pro.

Yoast SEO


7. Jetpack

The WordPress plugin Jetpack is a versatile tool. You can easily handle many issues single-handedly with this plugin. Jetpacks is an expert at spam filtering, uptime & downtime monitoring, and other security aspects. Other characteristics of this plugin are social media features, Carousel slideshows,  CDN for efficient image loading, etc. The social media functionality enables the user to share, like and also post auto-sharing features. Moreover, it also offers related posts functionality, portfolios, site statistics, galleries and many more. However, this free plugin is only functional with a WordPress.com account.

Jetpack, Free WordPress plugins


8. Microthemer Lite

Microthemer Lite is a flexible plugin for customizing any theme. It’s a pack of editing tools that enables the user to access theme header, footer, menus, sidebars, etc. This plugin can help you make edits even in smaller components. Microthemer provides many styling tools, colors, styles globally or on each page, etc. This plugin has a lot of options to explore within. The Pro version of this plugin has more styles and editing features to unlock for any theme.

Microthemer plugin, free WordPress plugins


9. Hummingbird

This plugin helps in improving the efficiency of both the speed and performance of your website. Hummingbird is quite a scanner and fixes many problems regarding your website. Also, it does cache for a fast loading website, compresses files and reports instant fixes. It’s a great fix-plugin and speed-up solution for your website.

Hummingbird, free WordPress plugins


10. Internal Link Building

This plugin is quite helpful in enhancing the framework and crosslinking of any website. You can easily insert keywords to your URLs. After adding the keyword, it will directly get linked while appearing on the page. With its setting option, you can do various experiments with its options. You can insert the nofollow parameter with links, bulk upload keywords, multiple keywords with a single URL, etc. All these options can help you increase the SEO score of your website.

Internal link building, free WordPress plugins


So these were some amazing and free WordPress plugins that can bring all-around improvements to your website. You can try out all these plugins without any risk factor.

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