WordPress has always been the “first choice” for any website on the internet. A growing website not only attracts a lot of traffic but also many spammers along with it.  As a website owner, you must’ve been through this spamming trouble. So, have you found the solution to it? If not, we have some ninja solutions, any guesses? We have WordPress anti-spam plugins.

Spammers always come up with different ways to spam your site. They can spam it with bulk comments, form submissions, false registrations, etc. All such spamming activities affect your site functionality, SEO score, and efficiency. However, with WordPress anti-spam plugins, you can protect your site from such spammers.  So, today we’ll discuss some of the best WordPress anti-spam plugins that you can use as a Patronus charm against spam activities.

5 Best WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

Below, we have mentioned the five best WordPress anti-spam plugins to fix your spamming problems.

1. CleanTalk

As per WordPress.org studies, over 90,000 people are using this plugin on their site. Isn’t it amazing? Also, it has scored a 4.8-star rating on over 1,700 user feedbacks. That’s all with vaunting, let’s know some of its features. CleanTalk provides total security to your WordPress site. It helps in blocking spam comments, registrations, emails, orders, subscriptions and many more.

The plugin is connected to the CleanTalk cloud service and analyzing form submissions. Additionally, it also has a SpamFirewall service that doesn’t even allow any bots to invade your site. The plugin also offers a free trial session to test it out. For further use, you just have to pay $8 yearly for one site. In case of multiple sites use, you can check their other plans and packages.

CleanTalk, WordPress anti-spam plugin


2. Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee secures your site without sharing data with an intermediary service through the API. It keeps everything within your WordPress server. After its activation, you will find a lot of features in this plugin. It has automated functions to delete spam comments, IP address validation, blocking foreign requests, etc. The best thing is, it is totally free for both personal and commercial use. However, the developer encourages donations.

Antispam bee, WordPress anti spam plugin


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3. Anti-spam

It offers its users with simple formulas to block spam comments in spam. Anti-spam is quite similar to Antispam bee, as it also works without any interference of the third party. You just need to activate the plugin and one can start using it. Although, you have to make a setting in case you want to save the spam comments in that section.



4. Akismet

It is one of the popular WordPress anti-spam plugins and more than 5 million people use it. Akismet is also connected to its cloud service for analyzing spam comments and submission. The user has the option to include everything into the spam file. Otherwise, a user can also use Akismet automatically to discard the worst of the spam. Additionally, it also provides analytics to show the amount of spam your site experiences. For using it, a user needs an Akismet.com API key and it’s free for personal blogs. Though, any businesses or commercial sites have to pay $5 per month for a single site.



5. Stop Spammers

It’s a free WordPress anti-spam plugin and stops spams to affect your sites. Stop Spammers safeguard your site from spam emails, comments, registration, bots, etc. This plugin provides a lot of options to set up your anti-spam functions. After activating it, you can select protection options, allow lists, blocklists, requests, etc. So, if you are fond of exploring different options, this plugin is for you.

Stop Spammers


So, these were some of the best WordPress anti-spam plugins to get rid of spam. Go ahead, select your favorite plugin and start using it now.

Image Credit: WPLift