A map plugin on a website adds more versatility to it other than its other features. If you have a local store or a restaurant than adding maps to your site will help your customers locate it easily. Even if as a travel blogger, you can add pinpoints, routes, guides in the map regarding the places you’ve explored. It will entertain and interest your readers more towards your content. No matter what your reason is, you can use some best WordPress map plugins to add a map to your site. 

WordPress Map plugins don’t require any sort of coding skills to use it. It makes sure that your website looks more professional and modern. These plugins are customizable depending on your expectations of the user. Additionally, it offers many features such as map clusters, multi-lingual maps, proximity searches, images and many more. The only confusion is which one to choose? There is nothing to worry about. Today we’ve listed 7 of the best WordPress Map plugins with enormous features to count on. 

Best WordPress Map Plugins

Below we’ve mentioned some of the best WordPress map plugins that will definitely meet up to your expectations.

1. Toolset Maps

The Toolset Maps plugin is one of the amazing WordPress Map plugins. It is quite easy to create maps using this plugin. You can add your map to any page or place on your website. The team behind the Toolset suite of plugins also created the Toolset Maps. It offers you total control over the map you want to build.

You can present content on a map, use multiple filters for better results, Geolocation, Google or Azure maps, etc. Besides all this, you will also have map types, different views like zoom or street view, multi-lingual features, clusters & colors, post field displays and many more.

The Toolset Maps can be purchased with a complete package of Toolset at worth $149 for a year.

Toolset Maps, WordPress Map Plugins


2. WP Google Maps

WordPress Google Plugin is known for its simplicity in its functions. It has both free and premium versions for its customers to offer. However, with the free version, you can create only one map.  It has many other features that will add up to your map. You can enjoy nine map themes, map markers with animations, map blocks, store locator, supports Streetview. It will help you drag the map markers to the exact location and offers map types including the roadmap, terrain, satellite, and hybrid.

The premium has additional perks to enjoy. It provides multiple map types, descriptions, links, and even categories for map markers. You can have filter markers, custom icons, map locations with starting and finishing point, store locator, etc. You can also view the location of your visitor on the map. It has multiple packages to offer its users starting at $39.99. You can use it on three websites.

WP Google Maps - Map Plugin for WordPress


3. Google Maps Widget

This is a quick-to-go sort of plugins to create a map. Google Maps Widget helps to build Google Maps and add to the sidebar as a widget. The USP of this plugin is its efficiency and speed. It just needs a few seconds to insert a map to your sidebar. However, if you’re looking for fancy and complex maps then this isn’t the option for you. It has some customizable options such as width & height, map types including the roadmap, satellite, terrain, and hybrid. You also have color schemes, zooming functionality and multiple pin options.

It has two pricing plans, first is the PRO Personal Lifetime package of $39. The other is an Unlimited Agency package of $79.

Google Maps Widget, WordPress Map Plugins



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4. Mapify

Mapify has an array of options for you to create different types of maps. This plugin not only helps in creating maps but also makes it interesting with images and videos at locations. The premium version of Mapify has customizable location filters, bulk uploading map location with spreadsheets, map marker locations, image maps, clusters, etc. You can also add blog articles to your map, GPS support, translatable maps with WPML, and more.

This plugin also supports many add-ons that can help you customize the maps. Like CrowdMaps enables visitors to add their locations with pics and videos. Also, PrettyRoutesPro can insert routes to your maps. It offers both free and premium versions. If you want all its features then select the premium one that costs $19 per month.

Mapify WordPress Map plugin


5. Google Maps CP

The Google Maps CP is known for easily adding Geolocation data to a WordPress page. The data is added as customized markers but configuring individual settings for each map isn’t possible. If you’re making changes in any map it will occur in all maps. It also offers both free and premium versions. The free one allows you to insert Google maps wherever you want it. You can insert location address or coordinates, customize markers and map appearance, multi-lingual functionality, etc. It doesn’t provide you with any sort of technical supports and can add only one map on a page.

There are two premium versions, a professional one and another is the developer version. The professional version uses geolocation data, multiple maps addition, shapes & styles, etc. It also helps directly in adding the maps on templates, to sidebars, offers a search box, and many more.

The developer version creates a contact form with the points, sends email notifications to the user. It provides a different email address to each point and uses an image with it. The professional version costs €19.99 and the developer version costs €49.99.

Google Maps CP, WordPress Map Plugins


6. MapPress Easy Google Maps

MapPress Easy Google Maps has a both free and paid version, though, the free is more popular. There are over 90,000 active downloads of this version. It helps in creating maps on both page or post edit screens. You can also insert multiple maps, addresses & coordinates and customizable marker bodies and titles.

The paid version has multiple custom maker icons, combined maps, sidebar widgets, etc. It also creates maps from custom field contents and shows markers lists. For this version, you can get Basic License at $49.95 or the Developer License for $79.95.

MapPress Easy Google Maps,


7. Intergeo Maps

It’s a free maps plugin for WordPress with many detailed options to create a map. Intergeo Maps has the ability of a UI map builder that can create customizable maps. The user can take the help of either the new Intergeo page on the WordPress admin or the post editor for maps. It enables you to set the starting position and zoom level of your map. You can adjust positioning, color styles, shapes, adding routes, etc. Additionally, it displays driving directions and multiple connected locations.




So, these were some WordPress Maps plugin that you can choose according to your preferences. All these plugins are fit for all sorts of requirements you have.

Pic credits: WPLift