Are you looking for the best plugins to edit images on your WordPress site? Images help bring life to your content and enhances engagement. Also, it helps the brand improve time on site, click-through rates and more. In this article, we will share some of the best Image Editor Plugins for WordPress. It will help you manage images more efficiently on your website.

Image Editors for WordPress – Top Plugins

Let us discuss different Image Editor plugins for your WordPress site:

WP Paint

WP Paint WordPress Image Editor a newcomer among the WordPress Image Editor plugins, but does an outstanding job of what it claims to do. It has an easy to use and intuitive interface with which images can be edited just like we do in desktop image editors. Even the early release version of this plugin includes a vast array of features including filters, cropping, erasing and much more. This is a must-have plugin for all WordPress content managers.

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Post-Thumbnail Editor

photo-editing plugins for WordPress

Post-Thumbnail Editor is basic Thumbnail editor for WordPress post thumbnails. It is fairly basic while extremely easy to use and is recommended for beginners who require no more than cropping and resizing of images on WordPress.

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DigiWidgets Image Editor

DigiWidgets Image Editor is an online WordPress image editor with a vast array of features as well. It is fairly advanced in its approach toward image editing. It might take some getting used to with DigiWidgets Image Editor if you are new to Image Editing online, but once used to this plugin is very handy.

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Aviary Editor

Aviary Photo Editor based plugins were all the rage when they launched the first web-based image editors. The Aviary Editor plugin leverages on the Aviary Photo Editor’s capabilities. It used to be very powerful at its time, but with browsers becoming more capable Aviary has slowly toned down in its popularity. You can always try this plugin if you need a post-beginner editor on WordPress.

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So, these were some WordPress photo editing plugin that you can choose according to your preferences.

pic credits: websitemagazine dot com