There’s no secret in the possibilities and challenges of the e-commerce market. More than half of the population are now shopping online. It means this market has huge potential competitors and it has become crucial for you to stand out in this crowd. Therefore, you need to have a strong e-commerce platform for your site. And WordPress for eCommerce is the best choice that you can ever make.

WordPress has always been a great content manager whether it’s related to articles, sports, news or your e-commerce business. It is popular for e-commerce platform creation and provides many benefits and key features to the store owners. This platform is perfectly balanced, scalable, safe and flexible to manage your site with ease.  Today, we will discuss a few reasons for you to prefer WordPress for eCommerce sites.

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4 Reasons To Pick WordPress For Your Online Site

WordPress has always been an all-rounder. Let’s see how it is suitable for your online site

1. Scalability & Stability

The scalability of WordPress refers to the adaptation of your growing site with time. This platform is strong and flexible enough to stay small or expand according to your needs. However, the web host plays a crucial role in the scalability of your site.

If your site has a low traffic rate then it is efficient enough to run smoothly. Once it starts growing and floods with lots of traffic then it becomes difficult to handle. For this, you need to adjoin a strong and high-quality host with a flexible platform. Don’t worry, the WordPress Website Showcase has many high-profile sites like The Village Voice and TechCrunch to settle your problems.

2. Stiff Security

Security is a necessary aspect of every online store. It not only counts on your security but also on your customers at all costs. WordPress contains all the data under one shade and anyone with bad intentions can cause huge damages.

As an e-commerce platform, you have much sensitive information related to your business as well as customers. The database of your platform has customer information like their personal details, login credentials, payment information, etc.  To protect all these data and information you need a robust security mechanism as WordPress has.

WordPress for eCommerce sites has many built-in security programs and plugins. It helps to protect your platform with the core code and also enables you to enhance your security further.  You can also set up a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate along with your host. Additionally, the platform provides you with many other security-based plugins that you can install for more protection.

3, Avoiding the ‘Cookie Cutter’ look

WordPress has experienced many evolving designs on the internet. Before WordPress had an evident look with a big header with navigation, a sidebar filled with ‘widgetized content’, and readability-based blog template. Although, it has surpassed the older fashion and has evolved with new appearance and layouts.

This platform has a lot of options for themes and plugins and many of them free of cost. These themes help you to enhance the look of your site and plugin adds more functionality to it. WordPress plugins will help you a lot while creating your e-commerce site. Plugins like WooCommerce gives you more power and control over the site. Furthermore, it has security plugins like Wodfence to secure your online site.

As WordPress is developer-friendly, the user can create or customize the design according to his/her needs. Also, there are many page builder plugins available. It allows you to insert elements on the page without any knowledge of codes. Recently, it has introduced ‘Block Editor’ that is flexible enough to shape your content’s layout and features. Even WooCommerce plugins provide ‘blocks’ for this editor that helps to create a highly-customized product page.

4. Reasonably Priced

For starting a new e-commerce site you strictly need to work according to your budget. No one looks to spend too much only on a site. Therefore, WordPress is an affordable solution to this problem. It isn’t totally free but less in comparison to other potential platforms. You just need the below-listed requisites for setting up a website with WordPress:

  • A domain: Costs nearly $10-12 yearly.
  • Web hosting: Around $30 per month, though it can vary.
  • WordPress: It’s free to download and use.

It’s not too much, isn’t it? Other than this you can use your money to enhance your security. You can also use some premium e-commerce plugins and themes for your site. If you want to outsource for the growth of your site, it may cost you quite a bit. However, if you’re are confident then you can manage everything on your own.

Final Thoughts

So, now even you can agree that WordPress for eCommerce is the best choice. There are many other potential platforms but not every one offer you the same quality, security, and personalization. Also, it’s a cost-effective and profitable deal to make.