E-Commerce revenue is not limited to just discovering more clients. It’s additionally about getting more from every client that you’ve officially found. If you expand your average order value it will generate you more revenue from the same customers. For this, we have a WooCommerce plugin called Iconic Sales Booster which will help you boost your average order value and sell more products. With this plugin, listings become easier as it will help you list products that are “frequently purchased together” and that “customers also bought…”. Here is the detailed review of the feature list of this plugin.

Features of The Iconic Sales Booster

The plugin will help you with 4 types of offers:

After Add to Cart-  This will display products in a modal popup with a tagline “Customers Also Bought”. This is when the user is done adding products to his cart.

Frequently Bought Together- This will show the customer some extra products on his/her product page based on what they are looking for. The shopper can add products to his/her cart from there.

Order Bump- This will view a special offer to the customers during the checkout process. Customers can add a special offer product to their cart easily.

After checkout cross-sell- This feature helps the shoppers by giving an option to add an item after they have clicked the order placing button. This is to help the shopper from repeating the entire checkout process, making it easy for them.

The plugin also offers you to customize these offers by changing its texts and designs.

Now that you got a brief idea about the features of this WooCommerce plugin, let us see how the plugin works and how you can create various types of offers.

Working With The Plugin

The Iconic Sales Booster plugin is quite easy to use. Let us start with these two offers: Frequently Bought together and After Add To Cart. These two features are super easy to use. The biggest eCommerce store, Amazon uses these the most.

Frequently Bought together and After Add To Cart

  • While editing a WooCommerce product, you can see a Sales Booster tab in the regular Product Data box. You can set up the offers there.
  • Now, add the products by clicking into the relevant box and type the product name. The picture below shows how it is done

Iconic Sales Booster review


The Frequently Bought Together appears on the individual product page. You would have seen Amazon using this offer to a great extent like the one below.

Iconic Sales Booster frequently bought together

The After Add to Cart appears as a modal popup as soon as the shopper adds the product to his/her cart. It will look something like this.

Customers also bought

Apart from the above two features, sales Booster also allows you to create Order Bumps and After checkout Cross-sell. You can use both of them depending on certain products in a shopper’s cart. Let us talk about Order Bumps first.

Order Bumps

  • In the Sales Booster, go to Order Bumps and then add new.
  • A little wizard will help you set it up.
  • Now, choose the products to activate the order bump. You can choose to activate one specific product or all of them. Choosing specific products will drill you down. There you will have to choose if you want to trigger the order bump by all those products in the shopper’s cart or any one of them.

In the next step, you have to choose the product that will offer as the order bump. You have an option to add a special discount to it, which is a way of giving shoppers a unique deal. It will look something like this.


Here you can finally customize the order bump’s text and appearance which will appear something like this.

After publishing, here is the mechanism of how it works for your shoppers:

The shoppers add the trigger products to their shopping cart and check out. They will see the order bump offer above the Place Order button. They can now add it to their order with one click. Here is how it will look.

Iconic Sales Booster order bump

After Checkout Cross-Sell

This feature is more or less similar to Order Bump. It only differs by timing. The setup too is similar.

  • In the Sales Booster, go to After Checkout and then to Add New.
  • Like Order Bump, a similar wizard setup will assist you.
  • Now, choose the products that will trigger the offer and which product to offer which will include the option of adding a discount.
  • You can then design the looks and text of your offer which will look something like this

Now when the shopper will click Place Order button, a modal popup with your offer will appear before him. Here, the shopper can either add the offer or he can choose to skip clicking the “No thanks, I’ll pass“. It will look like this:

Iconic Sales Booster upsell

If you want to see the effectiveness of these features, there is a basic conversion data in your WordPress dashboard. Therefore, you can analyze if your efforts are effective enough.

Other Settings Of Iconic Sales Booster

In the basic settings area, you can configure basic design options for the ‘frequently bought together‘ and ‘after add to cart modal‘. It will look something like this:

Iconic Sales Booster settings


The WooCommerce Plugin offers you two options for usage: one for a year and another for a lifetime. The one year option obviously will give you one year of support and updates, whereas the lifetime option will give you lifetime support and update. The pricing is something like this:

  • For 1 website, annually you have to pay $129 and $389 for lifetime
  • If you want for 3 websites, you will be charged $259 and $779 lifetime
  • For 30 websites, the pricing will be $649 annually and $1,949 lifetime

Also, you can avail of a 14-day free trial of the plugin’s full functionality. If you are not satisfied with the features, it also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you want to download the Iconic Sales Booster plugin, then click the button below:

Iconic Sales Booster

Final Thoughts

The Iconic Sales Booster gives you viable, demonstrated methods for boosting sales in your store. Since big e-commerce stores such as Amazon use these techniques to boost their sales you would want to try it too.  Also, the structure and UX of the plugin is awesome. Since the plugin offers you a 14-day free trial you can give it a try. You can see if it increases your store sales and then purchase it.