Modern Events Calendar plugin in WordPress is a beautiful plugin to develop event calendars out of the box. It doesn’t require complex custom styling to make it look good.  The user doesn’t need to master CSS to use this plugin, unlike other popular calendar plugins.

This can also be integrated with popular page builders and WooCommerce for more flexible designs. It has many advanced features to offer its users. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

Features of Modern Events Calendar

The main feature of this plugin is to create a great-looking events calendar out of the box. Many events calendar needs custom styling to make an events calendar look beautiful which isn’t possible for everyone. Modern Events Calendar comprises of many other advanced features that will give you a user-friendly experience.

You can make events calendar for events of one day, multiple days, a recurring, specific time, all day or never-ending. For differentiating these events you can add different locations, organizers, tags, categories, colors or labels. To view your events you have ample of layout options and map view as well. For more convenience, the user can also integrate a search bar or filter options to find the events.

As we mentioned before the Modern Events Calendar can also be integrated with a page builder like Elementor. The dedicated integration of this plugin uses Elementor’s visual to create and style event displays and booking forms.

The Modern Events Calendar plugin also has ticket/booking functionality. Users can create different types of tickets, set limitations on no. of bookings or in individual ticket types. It also has various payment options including PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, or to a person. The plugin also offers discounts, coupons, and sends email notifications for any sort of bookings.

In the WooCommerce add-on, the ticket will be considered as a product. Here you can use the WooCommerce cart/checkout process.

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How To Create an Event With Modern Events Calendar?

First of all, you need to install and activate the Modern Events Calendar. It will then show you a welcome page with further steps to follow.

Modern Events Calendar review

You just need to click on the ‘Add New Event’ tab present on the bottom screen. The Add New Event interface will then appear on your screen.

This interface is quite similar to the Classic WordPress editor except for the new Event Details box.

The Event meta box arranges all the event-based options and details. It also has some new options present in the sidebar. You’ll also get many feature images, colors, tags, labels, and categories to specify the events.

Create new event in Modern Events Calendar

Let’s discuss the Event Details meta box in detail.

The meta box has the date and time option to schedule your events. You can add the start and end dates and time in the box. The event can also mention as all day event or you can also hide the event timings. You can check on the ‘event repeating’ to make it repeat automatically.

event data box in Modern Events Calendar

Also, you can choose an existing location or add a new location to the meta box.


Add location

In case you’ve any doubts regarding the setting, you can click on the question mark sign. It will give you an explanation tooltip.

Below you have an open option to insert a custom event link and to set event organizer and cost details.

Modern Events Calendar tooltips

So this is how you can design a basic event. You can further publish it like any other content of your WordPress to make it live.

Enable Ticket Functionality

Ticket functionality is another great feature of Modern Events Calendar Pro. To enable this functionality first, activate the ticket option from the plugin settings area.

Thereafter a new Booking meta box will appear. There you can insert different ticket options, set a limit on your bookings or make it unlimited.

Display of your Events

Modern Events Calendar has a bulk of options to display your events. This is one of the strong features of this version that makes your event look great out of the box.

First, you have to visit ‘M.E. Calendar’ then to ‘Shortcodes’ to access these options.

You also have the option to preview before publishing it. It can be linked directly or the shortcodes can be used for a different page.

Modern Events Calendar display options

In the “Full Calendar'” the user can see the no. of events in a year, month, week or other available options. The user can also search for the events in the search bar.

Calendar view

Like this, there are many other layout options for your event display or you can add your own.

The premium version has a total of 11 pre-built layouts including

  1. Full Calendar
  2. Slider View
  3. Countdown view
  4. Carousel view
  5. Upcoming events (grid)
  6. Upcoming events (list)
  7. Map view
  8. Daily view
  9. Weekly view
  10. Monthly view
  11. Masonry view

The best thing is you can be creative with your own shortcodes using the shortcode builder.

shortcode builder

You can also design your event display shortcode with the Elementor add-on. There is no need to master the technical knowledge to create a beautiful event displays of own.

Additionally, in the event list views, the events get a specific page. These pages can be further designed with the Elementor add-on.


Single event page

Settings Area in detail

The settings area of Modern Events Calendar acquires various options to control the plugin. This setting option allows the user to activate or deactivate many modules.

Modern Events Calendar settings

After enabling the new settings, many additional areas will appear in the interface.

Supposedly, you’ve enabled the ticket settings. Here you’ll see a ‘Payment Gateways’ option. This option has various modes for making payments like local payment, PayPal Express & credit card, stripe, etc.

How does the Booking Functionality work?

After enabling the ticket booking, a booking form will appear on the event page. This booking form can be customized according to user choice. You can also customize it with the Elementor add-on.

Your attendees can choose the ticket packages they want and start the checkout process.

You can also add an additional form for more information from your attendees.

Thereafter during checkout, your attendees can choose their favorable payment mode and enter any available coupon.

Next, they’ll get an email notification and a downloadable invoice. It looks like the below-mentioned image:

Booking confimation

You’ll also have access to view and handle these bookings from the Bookings area in the dashboard.

Modern Events Calendar Pricing

If you want to design a basic display for your events then the free version would work for you. Modern Events Calendar has a limited free version at

For the ticketing/payment feature and tons of other display options, you need the Pro version.

The core Pro version is full-featured and has three different plans according to its price. There is a limitation on sites for using the plugin. The plan is like this:

  • 1 site$55
  • 5 sites$199
  • 10 sites$375

All these plans have lifetime updates and a year of support.

There are other add-ons for WooCommerce and Elementor that cost $35 each.

So, this was an overview of the Modern Events Calendar and its exciting features. If you don’t want to deal with lots of CSS and technical complexity you must try it once.

Image source: WPLift