Top 8 WordPress News Plugins in 2022

You may have heard that WordPress already powers over 25% of the web, but if you haven’t been paying attention to the news lately, you might not have heard that WordPress now powers over 50% of the web!

What’s going on here? How are they making such progress? Well, as it turns out, WordPress has some pretty great plugins that keep people coming back!

Learn more about some of the most popular WordPress news plugins and how you can get them on your site today.

Best WordPress News Plugins

1. WP Latest Posts

WP Latest Posts

The first news plugin for WordPress and it still has a niche. The majority of WordPress users find themselves using WP Latest Posts to keep up with their favorite blogs.

WP Latest Posts is great for blogs but doesn’t work well with websites that use flash. They’ve had trouble keeping up with demand, causing them to cut back on new features.

2. Simple News

Simple News

This plugin allows you to display news articles on your WordPress website. Using simple tags, you can add more details about your articles.

In 2022, Simple News would allow users to purchase a paid version of their product which would allow them to connect their blogs with other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Also, they could now embed video into each post or page within their website. By doing so, they have taken WordPress to a whole new level.

3. WP News and Scrolling Widgets

WP News and Scrolling Widgets

As we approach 2022, WordPress news plugins have started to slowly evolve into something a bit more modern. WP News has been one of the most popular news plugins for years now and it continues to be updated frequently.

With that said, its design hasn’t changed much over time and with all-new options available, its days may be numbered. Scrolling widgets offer an entirely different experience than traditional plugins like Scroll Box or PrettyNews

4. Ditty News Ticker

Ditty News Ticker, WordPress News Plugins

A WordPress news and content ticker plugin, which enables users to publish news across their website. By creating multiple widgets, users can create multiple tickers with different styles and features.

Users can choose to display images, video, or a combination of both alongside articles. Users can also opt for a lightbox effect when visitors click on an image in a ticker.

5. XML Sitemap and Google News

XML Sitemap and Google News, WordPress News Plugins

In WordPress, XML Sitemap is a great solution for producing a site map that Google can easily read. By using FeedBurner, your users can subscribe to an RSS feed of your content. That way, you aren’t sending people away from your site; instead, they can stay and read more.

6. News Announcement Scroll

News Announcement Scroll, WordPress News Plugins

News Announcement Scroll is a simple WordPress news update plugin. It lets you create a newsgroup and customize the title, font, colors, etc. To display the news, you can use their custom widget, shortcode, or template tag.

7. Vertical News Scroller

Vertical News Scroller, WordPress News Plugins

In 2022, vertical news scrollers will be all of a sudden become popular. I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for them to really take off. This will have some weird and wonderful effects on blogs.

The sites that have featured images or multiple columns will suddenly seem old-fashioned compared to their single-column competitors. If you want to read blogs, you need a news scroller, no two ways about it.

8. Yandex News Feed

Yandex News Feed, WordPress News Plugins

Yandex News Feed is a WordPress Yandex news plugin. It allows you to convert the content from your WordPress posts and pages into Yandex news format instantly.


The future of WordPress news plugins is exciting. We can’t wait to see what developers and designers come up with in 2022. We hope this article is helpful for you all.

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