If you work on any WordPress powered website, then you must agree to the fact that plugins and extensions are lifesavers. They always bring some unique functionality that adds to the efficiency of the site. If we talk about customization of a site plugins always come in handy. Again, when we talk about extensions, Google Chrome always at the forefront with a diverse set of plugins and extensions. In this post, we will discuss some of the latest and arguably the best Chrome Extensions for WordPress.

Google Chrome is massively popular and has millions of user over the world. To cope with the modern-day need for blogs, efficient website functions extension add-ons always simplify the task of the user. Also, there are a number of extensions show up on the web space every second day. So, people may be confused about which extension to use..? So, we have listed up some important Chrome extensions that are popularly used by the public. so, check it out.

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List of Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress

In no particular order, here are some of the best Chrome Extensions for WordPress you can utilize on your website. we have also put up the download links for the extensions. So, it will be easy for you to download and install the add-ons.

WordPress Admin Bar Control

This is the add-on which will enable you to customize the admin bar. Some may find it annoying when the admin bar may keep displaying when viewing some content or site page. With this extension, all you need to do is just do one click to view or hide the WordPress admin bar control.

Download Admin Bar Control Extension


This is another helpful plugin which will detect and lead a user to an active theme. Generally, one can use the traditional way of detecting an active theme by going through the source code. Now, this add-on will make the process super easy.

Download WPSniffer Extension


This plugin is a literal life-saving element for the folks who work on WordPress blogs or create content in general. As its name suggests, it will detect and rectify grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes in a content body. Also, it will suggest the correct terminology or grammatical phrasing for the erroneous sentence or word.

Download Grammarly Extension

WordPress Admin Switcher

This add-on enables a user to switch between the website front-end and the WordPress dashboard control. The plugin basically engages a keyboard shortcut which will toggle between front end and dashboard when activated. To be more precise, after you enable the extension, when you hit Ctrl + shift + A the switching action takes place. So simple, yet makes your work more efficient. isn’t it..?

Download Admin Switcher Extension

Whatruns for WordPress

This plugin will provide the info regarding the tools and frameworks that power up a website.

Download Whatruns Extension

WordPress Site Manager

This add-on will be helpful to keep a record of various websites managed by an admin. Its advantage is you don’t have to provide username and password for each site you may try to access.

Download WordPress Site Manager Extension


This add-on will help you to know the various vulnerabilities of the WordPress site. It will keep track of various usernames on a WordPress site. It will also notify whether a site allows user registration or not.

Download WPintel Extension

WP Sandbox

This extension creates a testing ground for plugins which is tested by its potential customers. Definitely, it will give the buyers a first-hand experience of the product. Besides, during the testing bugs or glitches can be identified and resolved.

Download WP Sandbox

So, we hope you found this post useful and can make use of the Chrome extensions on your WordPress powered websites.