WordPress is one of the major and popular open-source Content Management System in the world of internet. Over millions of websites make use of this CMS. No wonder it’s always a favorite because of the multitude of features it packs. Now, continuing its glorious content managing, the new version of WordPress 5.2 has recently been released.

The latest version of WordPress comes with a lot of new features. Similarly, it also tweaks the existing attributes. Being the current release, it doesn’t really require the latest version of PHP to run. Making it convenient for websites, WordPress 5.2 requires the PHP version 5.6 to run. In case, any user is on an older version of PHP, they will be notified to upgrade to the latest version. At least update to the version which WordPress 5.2 supports.

In this post, we will discuss the various new features and tweaks which the latest release of WordPress packs. So, read on to find more.
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Site Health Check Feature

This is the newest feature which the WordPress version 5.2 brings. It will show important information about a site’s WordPress configuration. The status tab will run check on the site and classify whether the site is in critical, recommended or good condition. In case, the website has some issues, it will also provide automatic solutions for the same.

Beside Status tab, you will see the info tab which will provide the information about the web server configuration. It will also allow the user to copy down non-sensitive data for having the debug information. You can find the site health check feature in the Tools tab.

Tweaks for the Gutenberg Editor

The Guttenberg Editor marked its entry with WordPress 5.0. Now, two versions later, it is tweaked to become more efficient and provide better performance. Now, with WordPress 5.2 the loading time for pages with more content is 35% faster than what it was in the previous version. also, the typing experience will be more responsive with quicker key press time.

New Default Blocks

The current release of WordPress also brings a new set of default blocks. This includes RSS Block, Amazon Kindle Block, Search, Calendar and tag cloud block.RSS Block will fetch RSS feed on your blogs. The tag cloud will display a set of tags for specific content. Similarly, the search block will provide a search option in a blog post. Calendar block will provide a time frame for each of the posts published by an author. It will make the viewer convenient to find a particular post.

New Block Manager Tool

usually, there are a number of blocks provided for the author, but he doesn’t really use all of it. So, this is where the block manager tool comes into action. It will hide the blocks which the author doesn’t want to use.

Notable technical Changes

Now, let’s take a look at some other important changes to WordPress. The icon font dash icon will now have 25 new sets of icons. Also, Plugins can specify the minimum required version to run them. The user will be notified in case of an outdated version. Also, while adding the DEBUG LOG in wp-config.php, users can provide a log file path.

Better Fatal Error Protection

Another important and most awaited feature which the WordPress 5.2 brings is the improved fatal error protection. Usually, in a fatal error scenario, the author cannot access the dashboard. However, with the latest release of WordPress, the site administrator will see a message that says “This site is experiencing technical difficulties”.

After you get the above pop-up, WordPress will email you a special login link. using that link you can access the dashboard and fix the issue which caused the fatal error. This is definitely one of the most helpful features for the site managers.

So, that was a brief glance into the important features which the WordPress 5.2 brings with it. The new version of the WordPress will be very helpful for authors and site managers.