There have been many such annoying instances when we visit a website and click on some internal or external link on it, only to find it’s broken. Of course, every one of us hates the 404 URL not found message when we don’t land on our desired interlinked content. These kinds of broken links can bring about adverse effects on the site. The worst is a visitor getting irritated and never returning back to the site. So, how do we detect these snapped links.? Well, the best way out there is to make use of plugins. In this post, we bring you the list of Plugins to Find Broken Links on WordPress websites . Check it out.

List of Plugins to Find Broken Links on WordPress Sites

You can check out the various plugins we have listed and also download and install them. We have put up the download links for them as well for your convenience. You can also check out some of the best WordPress plugins for Whatsapp

Broken Link checker Plugin

This is a very useful plugin which comes from WordPress. However, it keeps working in background if left active. This will slow down the server massively, so the WordPress engine doesn’t endorse this extension. The trick is to use it for the moment to check for broken links then deactivate it.

The plugin is very simple to use. After its installation, you can see the plugin in the Tools section on the menu bar to your left on the WordPress. In case you have any active broken links you will see the number of such links beside the plugin.

Fixing the broken link is easy as well. You can straight away edit or update the link from the plugin itself. There is no need to open and edit the original post. Here is the download link for this WordPress plugin.

Download Plugin

Free Online Broken Link Checker

A good alternative for checking broken links is using free online tools to check for the issue. One such plugin is the free online broken link checker. If you use this one, you have to edit your links by opening the original post. As the name suggests, it is free to use. You can check up to 3000 webpages for non-working links. We have posted the download link below.

Download Online Link Checker

Check My Links Chrome Extension

Thanks to great and efficient web browsers we get so many options for plugins for various usage. If you use the Google Chrome browser, then you must have come across various Chrome extensions. One such extension is the Check My Links. It’s completely free to download and use.

To detect the dead links all you have to do is open the webpage and click the installed extension to activate. However, you must remember that the device is webpage specific. It cannot scan your whole site.

Download check My Links Chrome extension

Use Any SEO Tool to Detet any non-working links.

Well, you can make use of these SEO tools to locate and fix the non-working page links. A good example of this plugin can be the Ahref. With such tools, You can locate and fix dead links. Also, you can fix broken images and check for backlinks. Here is the download link for Ahref.

Download Ahref SEO Tool

Screaming Frog SEO Tool

There is another tool called the Screaming Frog which you can use to detect the dead links and other broken entities of your page. Additionally, you can use it for the site audit. In this tool, you have to use Response Codes setting to scan out 404 unresponsive or broken pages. After that use the Inlinks feature to discover which pages link to the 404 pages. It may be a bit tedious but then again you have other plugins which are far easier to carry out the work.

Download screaming Frog SEO Tool

So, that’s it, guys. If your website has incidental broken link issues, then try out the above plugins. It will enhance the productivity of your website.