Today WhatsApp is on the forefront of instant messaging applications. In case you use a WordPress powered website you can make use of WhatsApp plugins to connect with your site’s unique visitors. You can use these plugins to instantly chat with your visitors. So, in this post, we will discuss some of the best WordPress Plugins for WhatsApp . Usually, most of them are free but come with a limited set of features. In case you want to enjoy all the features, you have to go premium and purchase the plugin at a fixed price. We have specified which features will be freely available and which of them have to be purchased.

Best WordPress Plugins for WhatsApp

So, one by one let’s check out the WhatsApp Plugins useful for a WordPress site. You can also checkout some of the best free MailChimp Woocommerce plugins

WhatsApp Chat

This plugin can create a chat button which will redirect people to WhatsApp with a pre-configured message. It can also enable a live chat kind of interface. The site visitors can enter their own messages and also get the liberty to choose which agents they want to send the message.

It has features such as multiple button styling, different button placements, device-specific button set-up, content specific button, etc. The plugin is available for free. However, if you want lifetime updates and other extra features then you have to buy the Pro version which will cost you $10.

Download Free Version

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Whatshelp Chat Button

This plugin can straight away take your website visitors to the WhatsApp. One downside of this plugin is it doesn’t have any support for the live chat feature.

This is all you get as freebies to enjoy. If you want to take benefits of other features such as greeting messages, track click in Google analytics, then you have to go for the premium version. It will cost you $2.49 per month.

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Click to Chat for WhatsApp

This plugin has a good deal of popularity with a presence on over 90,000 websites over the internet. Its working is pretty simple. Once you activate the plugin, it will add a WhatsApp icon button to the bottom-right corner of your website. Then that can be used by your website’s visitors to connect with you via message. It also supports WhatsApp group chats.

The admin can set-up a pre-configured message and choose various stylings and colors. Also, the admin can hide the chat button on specific WordPress contents. Although most features are free the premium version brings more useful features. This includes support for Woocommerce, dynamic pre-filled text, holiday, working hours and time delay. The pro version begins at $12.

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WhatsApp Me

This particular plugin is all free to use and it can be downloaded at Upon activation, it will add the Whatsapp icon to your website. The admin can also create a live-chat look. It pretty much brings similar features like the previous plugins we have discussed. This includes the pre-customized message for the visitors, time delay for the button, make the button mobile device specific, etc.

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Share Post on WhatsApp

This is the simplest of all plugins we discussed. All you need to do is enable it. Then the visitors will see it as Share on WhatsApp on any post they visit on the website. They can share the post on one click. It is absolutely free to use and you can download it from WordPress.

Download Share on WhatsApp

So, these were some WordPress Plugins for WhatsApp. If basic usage is what you prefer, then you can enjoy the free plugin. if you want the extra features then you can go for the premium version.

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