Are you someone who is looking for the best WordPress gaming themes for game sites? Then, we can help you with the same.

The world of gaming is widely gaining popularity in today’s time making it to become one of the most profitable industries.

The WordPress gaming themes come with many unique and distinctive characteristics such as design and features. SEO, social network tools and instruments, various kinds of options, and many colors will make it easier to start your new website.

Let’s get started!

Best WordPress Gaming Themes

1. Player X

playerx gaming theme

Player X is one of the most popular and widely recognized WordPress themes which is out there for you. It is a theme that focuses on creating gaming websites with WordPress. It comes loaded with eye-catching graphics and various color schemes.

Moreover, this theme is very much compatible with a wide range of gaming-related websites such as sites for eSports projects, gaming studios, and so on.

Website owners have an additional edge in using this theme. They get access to a detailed set of theme options for creating a custom WordPress gaming website.

If you are someone who is looking and interested in a modern WordPress gaming theme, then Player X is a great choice for you.

2. ColorMag


If you want to create a gaming magazine website, then you simply do it by installing the ColorMag theme right away. It is a very simple and easy-to-use theme suitable for game sites.

This theme displays every minutest detail about your game along with being fully customizable as per your requirements. It is even compatible with WooCommerce which means you can even happen to create your online store.

3. Respawn


Respawn is a very simple and easy-to-install WordPress gaming theme for gaming sites. It is very user-friendly and especially even beginner-friendly.

You can install it quickly with just a button or click, making it get installed in a matter of minutes. Further, you can even change its layout as per your wish.

It comes loaded with lots of themes, online store compatibility, is mobile-friendly, and much is awaiting you. Install this theme right away and experience it yourself.

4. PixieHuge

Pixie Huge

This gaming WordPress theme is designed peculiarly for clans and other organizations. If you are someone who is looking for a very traditional gaming style website design then this theme is perfect for you.

It comes with very stylish and unique designs along with adding player profiles. PixieHuge has space for displaying sponsor promotions and adverts.

5. Blackfyre


Blackfyre is another WordPress gaming theme for game sites. It makes extensive use of front-end forms to ensure that registering, logging in, and posting messages all take place in an environment with a consistent user experience – there’s no switching to the WordPress admin area back-end here.

6. Zakra


Zakra is a theme that is super flexible and very lightweight.

It is another WordPress gaming theme for game sites. You can create a landing page with a Zakra theme easily.

You can build a website where you can elaborate everything about your game, this would help your users to know better about your games.

7. YouPlay


YouPlay is another great WordPress gaming theme for game sites. This theme gives your website a distinctive look. YouPlay will help you in creating an original-looking website.

Furthermore, to help you customize almost all aspects of this theme as well as your website, you will find the premium Visual Composer plugin to be included in the package.

8. SquadForce


SquadForce is a powerful WordPress theme that you can use as gaming along with an eSports theme. The theme is easily customizable and is translation-ready. You can see all the changes in real-time mode.

9. Eldritch

Eldritch, Gaming Themes

Eldritch is another popular and widely recommended gaming WordPress theme. If you happen to see any one of the Eldritch demo websites, you will instantly see that it is a purpose-built gaming WordPress theme.

Eldritch is compatible and found to be good e-commerce support as it is found to have very much compatibility with the leading WooCommerce plugin.

10. Geco

Geco, Gaming Themes

Geco is a gaming WordPress theme that has multiple website demos. The Geco demos are loaded with templates, which includes pre-built home, contact, and so on.

These templates are found to be very much well integrated with the overall design of the demo. Further, the templates are full of lots of features such as sliders, galleries, and so on.

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