Which platform is best for bloggers is a question that many people have when considering starting their blog. We can assist you!

Both WordPress.org and Blogger are great options, that is why we would be discussing them here against each other. They both let you create a blog easily. We would be looking at their pros and cons and then eventually get to know which platform is the best for bloggers.

So, let’s get started!

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at some of the most important factors to consider when selecting a blog platform.

  1. Ease: A simple and very easy-to-use platform is something that is of utmost importance. This would make you set up a blog, or your content quickly and with ease.
  2. Flexibility: A platform must be very much flexible. It must provide you to add more features or even use more resources as your blog happens to grow much more.
  3. Monetary: Making money online with your blogs needs to be done, where you need to choose the correct platform. That platform has to be chosen that would provide you with the monetary options.
  4. Support: You may require support when you are creating your blog, designing, or managing it. If you get stuck in between or have any questions, you’ll want to get help as quickly and easily as possible. Here, support plays a major role thereby.


WordPress vs Blogger

Free to use, easily customizable!

WordPress is a full content management system (CMS) which is in simple words a platform that provides you to help you build up online content. It was started in 2003 and is now powering more than 38% of all websites on the internet.

The use of WordPress can be done to such an extent that it could be done to create nearly any type of website.

It provides one with access to numerous themes, plugins, and tools. You can produce and develop unique designs, various features, and functionalities that are specific to each project.

WordPress is free to use, but it won’t host your blog for you. You would require a hosting plan for it along with a domain name to be picked out. After you have done this then you can install and set up your WordPress site. One of the most convenient and affordable hosting sites for you can be Bluehost which has a lot of easy-to-set features available.

Pros of WordPress

  • WordPress is easy to use, and a painless process. It might be a bit tough as compared to bloggers, but the best part about WordPress is that most quality WordPress hosts can handle the setup for you.
  • It is very easy to learn
  • The Platform is very beginner-friendly
  • There exists a lot of customization through which you can shape a website the way you want to give it
  • With WordPress, you have the option of adding custom code and complex features to your blog.

Cons of WordPress

  • It requires a monetary investment which might be a very small one but it does require.
  • You’ll be more responsible for ensuring that your site performs well and is secure.


blogger, WordPress vs Blogger

Blogging makes it easy to get up and running with a simple blog. In just a few minutes you can create a simple. It is very simple to use. With the help of a google account, your work is simply to create a free profile then you can easily create a new blog right away. You have the option of choosing the theme accordingly to give a look and appearance to your blog. Provide it with a layout, a perfect title, and choose a URL.

When working as a blogger, you can create posts, add up pages to your blogs, respond to comments, and so on.

Pros of Blogger

  • In a quick time, you can create a blog
  • It is very simple to create
  • You would be able to learn how to create content
  • Also, you would be able to learn all the features in a very quick manner
  • You don’t require any hosting plan which makes it a free solution totally
  • And finally, you have the option of personalizing your blog as well

Cons of Blogger

  • You just can create a very standard blog and its content to be posted, making its functionality to be very basic.
  • You don’t own your content fully
  • The option of customizing features of your blog’s appearance is very much restricted to some extent
  • The potential for adding custom code is also restricted to a large extent

The dilemma as to what to choose. WordPress or blogger?

Both WordPress and Blogger have their use and are useful for certain types of users. But the question which always remains is which one of them would you want to opt for.

When we talk of bloggers, they are found to be useful for those who want to create their blogs and want to run their blogs immediately. So, if you want this then, of course, blogger is something which is the right choice for you. You don’t have to pay even a single cent to get anything started, and there is nothing to be worried about, you don’t need to worry about hosting or any sort of technical considerations.

But again, always remember that there is a restriction in it also. You have very limited options when it comes to customizing your blog. If you wish that your blog becomes part of the larger website, be it a store, a business website, or a portfolio then bloggers won’t provide you the features that you would require of them.

Therefore, when it comes to Blogger vs WordPress, we would recommend the latter for most people who would be creating a new blog. The setup is always very fast, the start-up cost is very less and is very much beginner-friendly. If in near future, you wish to expand your website, add new features to it, then for that it is always seen that WordPress is a much better option to go for.

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