Are you thinking of launching your WooCommerce store or maybe even in the next few years, no matter you would like to increase your sales. Winning more sales might be a big challenge sometimes?

Many times you would have been caught up in a situation where you wouldn’t have been able to achieve your desired sales goals even though you had given your best and put in a lot of effort towards improving your sales.

Check out our awesome tips for WooCommerce store owners and thereby increase your sales.

Let’s get started!

1. Theme selection

Theme selection

The theme is the first and foremost thing that your users would see. They would observe and take a deeper look at the same.

When it comes to selecting themes, there exists a wide range of them. But if the theme is very confusing and the layout is not so good, then the users would exit.

You should ensure to provide your theme to be very eye catchy and appealing in the first look along with being easy to navigate. Always ensure to provide your customers with an easy and beautiful experience.

You can even show a detailed image or a video of the products available so that the customers have a deep knowledge of what they are getting.

Do not make any rush when it comes to selecting the theme. It is always a very good idea that you first happen to make use of theme demos as if you do such a thing it would take you to view a theme and many times it’s even possible that you try it out and have a look at it as to how it works.

  • Try to make use of theme demos.
  • Try out a theme before you install it.

2. Discount Coupons

discount coupons

Discount serves as a ploy to attract more customers. If you want to spread the word about your WooCommerce store, then providing your users with coupons will help you in the same.

Come up with such offers that customers are interested in it and inclined to it and never can say no.

Further, you can target specific sections to attract new customers and accordingly provide them with coupons and offers. All you have to do is to select the right distribution channels and the coupon-sharing websites for the promotion campaign.

3. Friendlier user-experience

friendlier user experience

You should offer a very  friendly and easy user experience as this would make more customers turn into permanent customers.

Simple navigation is of utmost importance. Make your visitors comfortable by providing them a seamless experience which they would always remember.

This would make your visitors stay longer on your website. You can even optimize your content before it even gets published.

4. Cross-selling and upselling

cross-selling and upselling

Upselling and cross-selling the products is one of the best strategies and tricks to increase your sales in e-commerce.

Upselling and cross-selling will work only if you reduce the decision-making process of your customers. Providing them with many choices would, may end in not choosing any product at all.

You should think of various ways that would decrease the number of steps when you cross-sell or upsell on your store. You can do so by for instance bundling related products at a discounted price.

With this, customers would happen to buy multiple products at a decent price making your sales increase eventually.

5. Sending newsletters

sending newsletters

Sending promotional newsletters is one of the best ways to incorporate sales. But making its content customizable as per the recipient is a great way. If you wish to bring in traffic from your newsletters then customizing it accordingly will help you a lot in achieving the same.

The newsletter’s design, as well as its content, is of utmost importance to the success of email newsletters, but a perfect presentation of offers is also very much necessary that should make your readers click over the page and come back again and again.

Also, free shipping should be incorporated. The focus should be given to free shipping, free and easy return, and free exchange.

Easy process to return the products gives assures customers that they can make a return if they wish to.

6. Take necessary actions to reduce cart abandonment

avoid cart abandonment

It is essential to see what makes the customers abandon their respective shopping carts. As such one finds that most customers abandon their carts because they find the price to be higher than what they had expected.

The customers are made to create an account to purchase any item or product.  Many customers don’t end up purchasing since they don’t qualify for free shipping due to small orders.

Lack of payment methods is one of the reasons that make the customers abandon their carts. You should instill a few tips so that customers do not happen to abandon their carts.

  • Make sure you keep your checkout process fast and efficient.
  • Don’t force a sign-up on the checkout page. Guest checkout can be done.
  • Provide multiple and securement options to your customers.
  • Enabling your users to save their shopping carts for later


Make your store user-friendly, clean, and easy to navigate by following the above-mentioned tricks. We have discussed a few best tricks and WooCommerce tips that you need to pay attention to increase your sales and grow your store.

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