Are you someone who is looking to create a website for your real estate business, or do you wish to list your properties online? If yes, then we have a great selection of WordPress Real Estate Themes for you to choose from.

Make your WordPress modern and stylish by adding themes to it.

Here are the 7 Best Real Estate Themes for your WordPress site

1. Wealty


One of the most popular and recommended Real Estate themes is Wealty. It is used by thousands of real estate agencies as well as by brokers. Wealty will help you to whatever kind of real estate website you wish to launch upon.

This is an all-in-one solution that is very user-friendly and provides you with features that would feature your currently available properties and would help you in promoting your brand. It covers a range of styles and website types, providing you with a range of options that would cover your project.

Features of wealty include many. One of the features of the same is its interactive floor plan builder which is full of popup annotations that provides mode information to your visitors. Its powerful Visual Page Builder provides you with the option of modifying any part of the user interface as per your liking. There is also the prevalence of Yelp and GreatSchool integration that would make your site much more informative and interactive.

Further, wealty also provides you with the option of adding a membership aspect to your real estate which makes it a very flexible theme for its users. Along with all of this it comes with lead-generation, SEO optimization which ensures that your page is seen by the right people.

If you are someone who wants to add multiple fields like lists, videos, pictures, and so the wealty has the functionality of that as well along with having easy-to-use Custom Fields configuration system.

2. Astra


In this market today, Astra is found to be the most popular and first choice for everyone. They are found to be the fastest-growing theme of all time. What’s so good in Astra? Let’s find it ourselves. In Astra the theme is very much flexible. Whether someone is new to blogging or even if someone is very much known to blog with the features of Astra it will always be a top priority to them. In Astra, there exists a very simple way to customize your site.

At Astra, everything is customizable. The theme at Astra is very fast and lightweight.

You can control almost every minute thing at Astra. You can control diverse things such as header options, layout settings, colors, typography, blog designs, and archived pages. Isn’t this so amazing?

It works just perfectly with all the best page builders. Along with this, it has an SEO-friendly page markup to help your blogs rank high on Google. Moreover, it has features and designs which are impressive to all.

3. Houzez

Houzez, Real Estate Themes

Houzez is one of the best and modern real estate themes which has features that everything you require of. It is one of the most flexible themes which provides you a lot of flexibility.

The Houzez theme comes with itself five demo modes to choose from, which provides you with the option of rapidly building a website to promote a real estate agency, or to create a website that is for real estate.

It accepts one-time payments as well as having the option to collect them on a recurring subscription basis. Houzez theme is very user-friendly and allows its users to browse listings on your WordPress-powered real estate website. It is further IDX supported as well as has a lot of customization options for your page templates that make us this WordPress real estate theme.

4. Divi

Divi, Real Estate Themes

Divi is one of those rare WordPress blog themes that can do anything. Anything seriously, it can do anything!

It has endless possibilities. You can easily create your layouts, pages, and templates with the feature of a built-in drag-and-drop editor. It has features that make it stand from the rest.

It is equipped with over 46 different content models that you can plug into different pages. You can easily add on a portfolio element, pricing table, email forms, and much more. Further, it has a cool duplicator feature as well which saves a lot of time.

5. WP Residence

WP Residence, Real Estate Themes

One of the most well-organized themes, WP Residence is designed with keeping in mind real estate.

With WP Residence, you have the option of creating a custom advanced search, you can control the global header and select whether to use the property theme slider, Google Maps, Revolution Slider, an image, or neither any of them.

If you want to build upon a subscription you have the option of allowing people to submit their properties for free, even for a fee, or even based on a monthly subscription.

6. Realtyspace

Realtyspace, Real Estate Themes

Another popular and recommended WordPress theme for real estate agents and agencies is Realtyspace.

It comes with a lot many features and functionalities itself. Realtyspace theme takes care of managing your properties, helps you to find potential clients, accepts both paid along free subscriptions. It comes with features such as creating beautiful landing pages which are created very fast and easy to create. Most importantly no coding skill is required in this. Further, it also includes three premium plugins to help upgrade your website.

7. Homeo

Homeo - Real Estate, Real Estate Themes

Homeo presents to you all of your content which includes a wide range of things such as real estate listings in a very unique and stylish way that will help you to promote them online.

It contains in itself 10 demos to choose from which makes it appeal to the audience in a wide way. Further, it contains with itself some powerful tools that eventually would help your visitors to filter your listings to find exactly what they tend to be looking for. It has many customization options available as well which makes it a great choice for you. So, try Homeo and experience it yourself.

That brings us to the end of our list of the Best WordPress Real Estate Themes. I hope this post helped decide the best WordPress Real Estate Theme. Which real estate theme are you going to use? Let us know.

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