Discount serves as a ploy to attract more customers. WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discount is a very effective and easier to use plugin. It is a WooCommerce add-on that allows you to obtain your visitors’ email addresses simply by providing a discount.

In order to run a successful ecommerce business, discount coupons play a major role in it. Everyone loves any kind of promos, offers and discounts.

Adding coupons becomes a great way in order to promote your business and website. A study showed that customers spend approx. 25 percent more money with a coupon.

There lies a variety of reasons as to why customers abandon their carts reminding them of coupons would increase the chances to shop.

This add-on plugin provides a user-friendly feature by offering the coupon feature. Inserting coupons is very easy and requires minimum effort. Just from the drop-down menu, with the button of reminder schedule the customer can have access to the coupon easily.

How to grow your business?

You can easily grow your leads and sales with WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discount on WordPress. With WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discounts increase your sales and revenue simply by reminding customers to use their respective coupons.

This plugin is used when the customer forgets to use the coupon. It reminds the customer that he or she has not used the coupon. Through the option of reminder schedule the customer can easily have access to the coupon.

You can further send emails or texts to your customers which would lead to targeting your customers. It is found to be one of the most cost effective and efficient marketing tools which can be incorporated in your use.

This would increase your sales and revenue and help you in growth of your leads. By this way you happen to bring and open doors of opportunity to gain more regular customers.

Top Features:

  • By entering your MailChimp API Key you can simply happen to setup MailChimp Campaigns
  • Gain your user email address just by giving some discount
  • Exit intent option av
  • Available for the popup
  • Desktop notification available
  •  Customizable each and every part of the coupon
  • Easily change email from name and email from address

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