Many people believe happiness lies in consuming more and more. But this is the confusion that can lead to massive environmental impacts. For this reason, you can demystify on your green blog by clearly showing how real happiness is found in balanced green consumption. Once your site has followers, how do you make money with green products and services blog?

How Can You Start a Green Blog?

A green living blog doesn’t mean a blog with just a green background or with a green website theme. It’s actually a blog that inspires people on how to adopt a simple way to live Eco-friendly and how to love their environment. You convince them to save their resources by consuming everything without wasting it. It could be on any topic that covers sustainable living matters.

Build an Impressive Green Blog Website

You have 3 seconds to engage readers when they visit your website. So, make sure that your website has a WordPress theme that is relevant, minimal, and good for the user experience. The WordPress theme market can provide you with thousands of Eco-friendly themes for free or for premium.

Before you come to a final decision, you can visit your competitor’s green living blogs to see how they have done it successfully like Ecopict, The Jungalow, Green Global Travel, Going Zero Waste… If you have no coding knowledge, you can choose a premium theme for the best technical support from the author.

Share free contents first

Create a few long posts on the benefits of going green at first. Then optimize your content by doing on-page and off-page SEO and fully optimize your content.

Use effective plugins to build your green living blog

Plugins are an important component to increase the functionality of WordPress, making your WordPress website exceptionally powerful. A WordPress plugin is a piece of code created to plug into the original code of your WordPress website. In other words, it is an extension of the website, used to adjust and improve the main functionality of that WordPress website.

If you do not know how to program to edit directly on WordPress original code, using the plugin is more efficient and saves a lot of time. Using the plugin is easy because you can easily download, quickly install or remove to meet website management requirements.

Once your green-living blog has a steady number of followers, plugins can make your WordPress blog add some functionality to earn money easier in just a few steps, such as adding an Eco-friendly online sales category. Or any other function.

At Zetamatic, you can find the best service on premium plugins to develop your best Eco-friendly website that meets all your requirements at the most affordable prices.

Ways to Earn Money

Sell Related Green Products

Readers come to you meaning they are finding solutions to their green life. When people know the green consumer is something cheaper than the conventional one. Also, they don’t know where they are available. So you can sell anything on your Eco-blog related to the Eco-friendly market. Be it sustainable clothing, home decor, or green accessories.

Become an Affiliate of Green Product

If you don’t want to sell on your blog, then become a green product affiliate and get a commission for sales from your website. So just check and make a list of green products suppliers. Then, Be a part of their affiliate program.

PPC Ads Placements

If you get huge blog traffic, register in Google Adsense to display its ads and earn extra money. A startup with high-quality content and top-level domain easily gets it approved soon.

Get Banner Ads

Your website blog is definitely relevant to place banner ads of environmental consultancy services. So find them and have a deal to place their ads on green blogs because from there they can get huge orders of environmental consultancies.

Install the Donate Button

People fully support green niches blog as more awareness on such topics is urgently required. So you can appeal to people to make a small donation for running the basic expenses of your blog by installing the donate button.


Creating a green blog will open a big opportunity to bring huge traffic on it easily because of low competitive keywords. Finally, you can earn money by selling green products and display PPC and banner ads to make money fast. By following the above tips you can easily make money fast with a green blog in a few months.

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