WooCommerce is one among the foremost popular e-commerce platforms within the world. In 2011, WooCommerce was launched and since of the features and functionalities it’s now been employed by quite 5 million websites. it’s a plugin that works on top of WordPress and turns your normal website to an e-commerce website.

WooCommerce is popular due to its functionalities, features and therefore the customization options. If you would like to succeed you would like to use those features and functionalities well.

To start a successful online business, you ‘re getting to need to gather all the knowledge associated with your business. for instance , you’ll got to check where the traffic comes from, cart abandonments, order details, popular products, audience information, etc.

The more details you will have , the higher business decisions you’ll make. you’ll use the simplest WooCommerce report, analytics plugins / add-ons, to gather all the useful details.

And, during this post, you will find out about the simplest WooCommerce Reporting Plugins.

Best WooCommerce Reporting Plugins

Although WooCommerce comes with native analytics tools, having some additional reporting tools give more flexibility and features.

Cart Reports

The WooCommerce Cart Reports extension provides real-time metrics on your customers’ open and abandoned shopping carts. Keep tabs on your customers’ carts and manage your online store more efficiently.

Cart Reports for WooCommerce offers comprehensive reporting features during a new “Carts” tab within the WooCommerce “Reports” tab in “WooCommerce” -> “Reports.” From the Carts tab you’ll view converted/open/abandoned carts over a custom date range, most-abandoned products, and merchandise abandonment by month:

Key Features:

  • Easy to put in and manage
  • At-A-Glance Dashboard Widgets
  • Comprehensive custom date-range Reports
  • “Cart Detail” view showing cart products, time-last-updated, and more.
  • Contact customers once they have logged in, but have abandoned their shopping carts.

Price: $79.00 billed annually, with 1 year of updates and support

WooCommerce Google Analytics

WooCommerce Google Analytics is an add-on to WooCommerce. It gives you all the features that accompany Google Analytics. You can learn which channels (including search, social, email and ads) drive most traffic, so you recognize which channels to spend longer on.

Understand which products customers have an interest in by comparing traffic, transactions and revenues across products. Determine what your customers are trying to find once they see which pages they land on from search engines.

Key Features:

  • Track basic data including sessions, users and events with Universal Analytics.
  • Integrate Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics to urge basic eCommerce data, including cart actions and merchandise views.
  • Exclude visits from administrators to urge a more accurate picture of customer data.
  • Support for Display Advertising.

Price: liberal to download and use.


Metorik gives your store a strong real-time dashboard, unifying your store’s orders, customers, subscriptions, and products, helping you understand your data and make more informed decisions a day .

With Metorik, you’ve got access to real-time metrics like your average customer LTV (lifetime value), the typical numbers of things per order, and therefore the average order value. On a product-level, you’ll easily see sales per product, per category, or maybe per variation.

Metorik offers a strong & powerful segmenting system, allowing you to filter your data by anything and everything. When you’re done segmenting, you’ll export that data to a CSV (automatically, if that’s your thing). you’ll even save the segment for next time, or share it together with your team.

Key Features:

  • Reports & KPIs.
  • Advanced segmenting & filtering.
  • Email automation with Metorik Engage
  • Email / Slack digests – beautiful, insightful reports automatically sent to you and your team ever day.
  • Customer service integrations with Zendesk, Help Scout, Freshdesk, and more (letting you see your store data while answering support tickets).
  • Powerful exporting of segmented data and automatic exports.
  • Integration with the official WooCommerce Subscriptions extension – reports, filters, and exports for your subscriptions data.
  • Complete multi-currency support.
  • Unlimited team members with multiple roles / permissions.
  • Unlimited stores under one ‘company’ (subscription).

Price: Complete 30-day trial, $50 USD / month Up to 500 orders/month

WooCommerce Customer History

The Customer History extension for WooCommerce observes how your customers flick through your WooCommerce store, also as keeping a full purchase history log, and calculating the entire customer lifetime value.

Key Features:

  • Observe how your customers browse your store and which screens they visit before they purchase.
  • Track the entire customer lifetime value for every customer.
  • View insights about your customer’s browsing habits on your website, to ascertain which screens work best for targeted conversions.

Price: $49.00 billed annually with 1 year of updates and support.

WooCommerce Sales Report Email

The WooCommerce Sales Report Emails extension sends emails daily, weekly or monthly, containing meaningful information about how your store’s products are performing.

Know which products are performing well in your store. Our clean and clear email notifications send this information on to your inbox, with none extra action required by you.

Key Features:

  • Easy to configure
  • You can add multiple recipients email addresses
  • Customize the frequency of sales reports (daily, weekly or monthly)

Price: $29.00 billed annually with 1 year of updates and support

WooCommerce features a lot of addons that you simply can prefer to extend its features. you’ll choose any plugins from the list above and begin taking advantage of it. With of these tools, you’ll get all the knowledge you would like about your business and make the proper business decisions. You can also try out premium WooCommerce plugins to grow your email list. This will also help you grow your business.

Let me know which one you’re getting to choose. Also, if you’re already using any of those , please allow us to know your experience.

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