If you run a news WordPress site or post news content to your blog sites, you may want to reach the maximum number of people to show the latest news in the world or the latest news in our niche category. However, this is not easy, as there are a lot of other news websites or blog sites like yours. This may limit the scope of your content.

Thankfully, there are services like Google News that aggregate news and help you deliver your content to a much larger audience. Your website can be expanded efficiently by showing your content to more and more readers. You can outrank your competitions in the search engine rankings.

If it sounds like an opportunity to grow your website, let’s learn more about What Google News is? , How to Submit Your Site to Google News? Should you submit your site to Google News? Requirements and benefits and more.

You’ll need to configure a lot of things to manage your presence in Google News. You’ll also need to make sure that you follow Google’s general Webmaster guidelines as well as Google’s specific Google News guidelines. We’ll learn more about all of these in this post.

What is Google News?


Google News is a news aggregator app developed by Google. And it presents a continuous flow of articles organized by thousands of publishers and magazines. Google News is available as an Android, iOS, and Web.

Google released a beta version in September 2002 and an official version of the app in January 2006. The initial idea has been developed by Krishna Bharat.

The service has been described as the largest news aggregator in the world.

As of 2013, Google News has been monitoring more than 50,000 news sources worldwide. Versions in 28 languages for more than 60 regions were available in March 2012. The service is available in 35 languages as of September 2015.

Should You Submit Your Site to Google News?

Google provides one of the best platforms for publishers to share the latest content. It’s also the perfect way to share news, events, stories, etc. In addition, if you regularly post press releases, opinion pieces, you may also want to submit them via Google News.

Also, keep in mind that the contents that are posted in Google News are checked appropriately. And if you want to keep posting your content, you need to follow certain policies. For instance, advertising must be limited and copyrighted content must be strictly forbidden. There are also limited types of content, such as sponsored or vulgar content.

In fact, this is another reason to submit your site, as only the highest quality content is authorized for display. You will know that your content is being broadcast alongside similar quality pieces that will boost your authority to readers and search engines alike.

What are the requirements for Google News submission?

There are certain criteria that you must meet before you can submit your website to Google News. The criteria are as follows:

  • Create compelling content on a daily basis. You will need to post news or relevant content to your audience.
  • You must follow Google News Content policies, which include standards for writing Original content, authority, readability, technical guidance, and news quality.
  • Also follow the General Webmaster guidelines. It includes the content quality standard, the content design, the technical aspects of your website.
  • Your website should have a contact page, showing your address, phone number, and email address. Just having a contact form won’t work. Google wants to make sure that you are a legitimate news organization.
  • Also, add an about us page listing all of your editorial staff.

Now that you have complied with these guidelines, you are ready to submit your site to Google News. So, follow the steps below to learn how to do this.

How to Submit Your WordPress Site to Google News

1. Go to the Google Publisher Center and click Add publication.

How to Submit Your WordPress Site to Google News

2. Add the name of your publication.

3. Provide the basic details of your publication such as Description, Category, Primary language, Website property URL, Location, Distribution, Tracking (Google Analytics), etc.

4. In the Website property URL, you’ll need to verify ownership of your website via the Search Console:

How to Submit Your WordPress Site to Google News

5. Then simply fill in the other fields related to it such as content, images, ads, advanced.

6. Once you have completed all required fields, reviewed everything perfectly, and agreed on the terms and conditions, you will be able to publish.

Publishing is easy, however, the review can take a couple of weeks.

Benefits of Google News

Since Google is one of the top search engines, there are many benefits of having your website indexed and included in the Google News listings.

  • It may increase the authenticity and authority of your page, as well as the organic search traffic on your website. In a way, it’s as if Google is endorsing your content, which will naturally increase its visibility.
  • In addition, one of the most compelling benefits of using Google News for your website is rapid lightning indexing. Your page or post will appear in the results of Google News in a matter of minutes.
  • At the same time, the main search results will also be added. As such, you can break the news faster than your competition!


Adding your WordPress website to Google News will greatly improve your content visibility and it will also improve the authority of your site. As the content will reach to more numbers of people, you’ll know which demographic group is seeing your content. Also, you should post timely content or news on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about this topic, please let us know in the comments below!

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