We all live in a diverse world that has various cultures and own unique languages. Speaking of which, we also get to witness this diversification of cultures over the internet. Languages keep differing from region to region while the website remains the same. Making it simple, on a website we have users of various languages visit it. So, what will happen if the website has content posted in some language which is apparently alien to a person who has first language English(or any other language for that matter). She will not be able to understand the content. Then in this case what comes in handy is a translation plugin. So, in this post, we will tell you about some of the best WordPress Translation Plugins.

Factors on which a Multi-Lingual Translation Plugin Depends

Now, let’s take a look at some of the factors that you should consider while you are deciding your translation plugin. When we talk of translation plugins we have two aspects of that. The automatic translation and the second one is the manual translation. The former makes use of technology to perform the translation(for instance Google’s Translate) while the latter makes use of a human being to do the translation. It always depends on the user what his preference is.

There are two attributes which one should think about when working with translation plugins.

Multilingual SEO

This is a very important condition which the plugin should fulfill. To make it simple the plugin you use should be able to create a permanent and properly indexable page. You should also take care to add the hreflang tag and translating SEO meta information.

Complete Features

Also, while choosing your plugin make sure that it provides complete settings for URL slugs, meta information, theme/plugin strings, etc which are equally important.

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List of Best WordPress Translation Plugins

Now, let’s check out some really useful translation plugins which you can use on a WordPress powered website.


This plugin is one of the oldest plugins out there. It is made by OnTheGoSystems. The plugin focuses on providing comprehensive translation function. Its new version allows 100% translation of content on any website. One of its unique features is the special translator user role which can be given for direct access to any third-party translator. Even it enables you to send translations to various pro translation services.

Here is how its interface looks like.
Best WordPress Translation Plugins

This is a premium plugin which costs around $79 for the Multilingual CMS version. there is also another Multilingual Blog Package which is cheaper than the former.

Download WPML


This plugin allows both automatic as well as manual translation. Speaking of which the machine translation is set up when you activate the plugin. Also, it has the manual translation system, the cloud dashboard so that it can ensure that the content goes through human scrutiny/checking for errors(if any). Even it allows outsourcing of translations to third-party translators.

Best WordPress Translation Plugins

Weglot is a cloud-based SaaS tool and it’s not 100% self-hosted. So your translations are hosted on Weglot’s servers and for this hosting, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to use the plugin. The plugin starts at a limited free plan which allows translation of 2,000 words. Post the freebies you have to pay €8.25 per month.

Download WeGlot


TranslatePress is an SEO friendly plugin which can function when hosted locally. It is not cloud-based SAAS like WeGlot.It also provides both automatic and manual translation. It has a simple user interface which makes sit more convenience to use.

Best WordPress Translation Plugins

The good thing about the plugin is it has a free version available for download on the WordPress official site. However, it doesn’t pack helpful SEO features. If you want the important SEO features, translator accounts, and automatic language detection, then you have to opt for the premium version which will cost you €79 per month.

Download TranslatePress


This is another popular multilingual translator plugin that is completely SEO friendly for your content. It has two separate editors for translating WordPress strings as well as individual language support to translate any content. Usually, the core Polylang plugin only supports manual translation. However, if you want to use automatic translation or translation outsourcing, then you have to integrate this plugin with the Lingotek plugin which is developed by the same developers who came up with Polylang.

Best WordPress Translation Plugins

Basically, Polylang is free but if you want to translate slugs and Woocommerce then you have to opt for the premium version of the plugin. here is the link for the extension.

Download Polylang

Google Language Translator

Best WordPress Translation Plugins

This is the most simple and dynamic plugin which can translate the content by providing the users with a simple drop-down menu. People can choose their preferred language and in one click get the desired content translated. However, it’s not that SEO friendly and also does not index your content. Most importantly, you cannot perform manual translations.

Download Google Language Translator

So, this was a detailed overview of some of the best WordPress translation plugins. We hope that this post was useful for you.