The most common pain point which every user has faced at some point in their WordPress journey is the ever-lasting errors related to WordPress themes. Although professionals can solve these issues within a very short time, still the theme issues and errors can steal away peace from a beginner’s mind. So, without wasting any further time, let’s hop on the adventure of learning some of the tips and tricks required to fix some of the most common WordPress theme-related issues and errors.

Most Common WordPress Issues and Ways to Fix Them

a) Missing Stylesheet

One of the most common issues faced by WordPress theme users is Missing Stylesheet error, which occurs when a specific zip file is not received or has not been opened properly. The problem also happens when the root theme folder has not been uploaded properly, leading to complications while opening the stylesheet.

To rectify this issue, one can simply visit the folder location, search for the respective file and upload the unzipped file via STP, or else the file can also be zipped and then uploaded via WordPress.

b) Sample Data Import Errors

While uploading a Sample.xml file, one of the two issues can happen. One is when it shows ‘failed to import’ error which is when the related files or taxonomies from custom post types cannot be found. Here, the solution is to ensure that the theme is active and consists of all the specified sample files. In case the issue still persists, one will need to consult with the theme developer.

The second issue comes up when it shows ‘failed to load images’. The problem happens when images are not being properly uploaded. To resolve this issue, one can test if the sample images are accessible from the server by opening the sample data in a text editor and then testing in their own browser. However, it is highly advised to consult with the theme developer for resolving the issue.

c) Homepage Display Error

Homepage display error arises when a website is not set to have a static home page, or else has been set to work perfectly fine without a home page. Hence, it is necessary to check the ‘front page display’ option first before investing in any homepage layouts.

However, to resolve this issue one can create a new page, while verifying the presence of a Home, Homepage, Frontpage, or similarly named templates in the ‘Templates’ section found under Page Attributes. Afterwards, the template will be needed to get saved which will then properly display the homepage.

d) Ugly URLs

Generally, the WordPress theme URLs tend to be a mixture of post ID, published date, category and post title which neither seem good nor are SEO-friendly in nature. To fix the issue one needs to visit Settings, click on Permalinks and then change the default option from others to the one which seems pretty relevant.

e) 404 Error Solution

In the case of custom post types, one may face the 404 errors many a time due to the compatibility complications. This does not really mean that the content will be removed or discarded, rather the compatibility issues do not let the audience read the specific website, article or blog.

For solving this mishap, one can visit the Settings option, click on ‘Permalinks’ and save the changes. In case, the issue still persists, then one will have to manually update the .htaccess file or simply take assistance from the theme developer.


In this article, we have tried to list the most common WordPress theme issues and errors with their fixations as well. In case, you have other ideas to share or want us to fill any other WordPress theme issues we might have left out, please feel free to share your valuable thoughts in the comment section below.