Being an open-source content management system with countless inbuilt features and plugins, WordPress has been one of most the favorite website designing platforms. From easy ‘drag and drop’ featured Wix to highly creative templates populated Squarespace, each has its own attractive attributes; none is like WordPress.

WordPress has been continuously growing with weekly updates, added plugins, themes, and templates each passing day. The top companies Microsoft, Sony, TED Blog, Walt Disney, Wired, Mercedes Benz, and a lot many, has also adopted WordPress to keep their customers engaged. Wouldn’t you like to know what has made WordPress equally popular amongst startups as well as the biggies.

Let’s have a look at the reasons for the worldwide popularity of WordPress.

No Need for Developing Skills

While many content management platforms can be found in the market, majority of them require coding skills for building and customization of websites. The exception with WordPress is the availability of pre-designed plugins, templates, and designs which can be used by anyone to build a beautiful and professional website without having any prior knowledge of coding. This saves both time and money, which could otherwise be spent if outsourced. Apart from this, WordPress also provides its customers with the option of creating and adding new plugins and features on their WordPress site.

Easier Update and Maintenance

Updating a website can be pretty intimidating, as sometimes a failure in doing so can result in complete data loss or leak of private information if not done in regular intervals. The reason being increased susceptibility to outside attacks, websites could be always under threat. In WordPress, not only users get weekly news on updates, but they can also customize the update option to manual or automatic depending upon one’s choice. A similar protocol is also followed for plugin updates. With a click, one gets an updated WordPress website with all the features updated within minutes.

Getting Support is Eaassyyyy

While building up a website or pinning down content, an individual may face a lot of problems depending upon the type of work, hence, instant resolutions and support are quite essential for building a good website within reasonable time. In the case of many platforms, although support desks can be directly contacted via email, the normal processing time for emails to be replied by an expert is relatively long. This is where WordPress comes in as the savior. As the content management platform features an open source discussion panel which is daily contributed and reviewed by thousands of customers, getting a solution becomes rather easy. Even more, when an individual searches for a resolution in the Google, many guides, reviews, and YouTube videos come up to the rescue.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important aspect of a website or a company when it comes to attracting target audience, as it directly affects the number of views by users and online visibility of a website, article or blog. Hence, many companies provide utmost importance to build content with good SEO. As, since its inception, SEO has been a part of WordPress, users are provided with best tips and tricks to maintain the rank of a website and hence, attract a good amount of traffic.