WordPress Donation Plugins

Before getting into the WordPress Donation Plugins, it is imperative for you to know that when you are seeking for donation. A donation is pretty important when it comes to helping and maintaining a community. There are a lot of non-profit websites built on WordPress that needs donations to carry out their work effectively. People turn into donations to help other. This is a very noble cause. There are numerous and plenty of bloggers and developers who work on donations. This scenario is the same for the churches, political campaigns, and non-profit organizations.

How Can You Accept Donations via Your Site?

  • Download the popular WordPress CMS  for free and there you will have to run any type of website you desire.
  • You can choose quality hosting and Kinsta offers hosting discounts for all non-profit organizations. With hosting you get to store and manage your site files.
  • Domain name, this is the most important part. This is the name of your non-profit website and your domain name is supposed to be similar to the name of the charity or non-profit stuff.
  • With WordPress, you get a regular WordPress theme and most of the themes are free but you need to choose the charity specific themes, these themes have donation buttons, information for fundraising and scheduling systems.
  • Last but not the least a payment gateway. This system processes and accepts payments through your donation plugin.

It may look scary at first, but you won’t have to think about hosting after it’s done. The same thing goes for WordPress and your domain name. The only element which requires maintenance is the WordPress donation plugin because, here, you’re collecting donations and thinking of new ways to accumulate more money for your organization.

We’ve made a list of effective and efficient WordPress donation plugins for you:


WordPress Donation Plugins

Give is the handpicked favorite WordPress donation, so it’s clear that Give is one of the popular and favorite WordPress plugins. It is also the most downloaded plugin ever.

Gift allows users to receive gifts from donors, analyze donation reports and manage the donors. With Gift, you’ll be able to create custom donation forms on a WordPress site. It also maintains the history of your donors.


WordPress Donation Plugins

This is a free WordPress donation plugin that has no setup costs neither does it have monthly charges. Charitable supports geolocation, anonymous donations, usage of avatars and it also provides one year of premium support.

Charitable doesn’t charge transaction fees, it is a peer to peer fundraising extension that will expand your reach. With charitable, you can accept donations from payment gateways like Stripe, Authorize.Net, PayFast, and PayUMoney. It is easy to use and it also supports offline donations.

PayPal Donation

WordPress Donation Plugins

The PayPal Donation plugin will add a donation button to your WordPress website after installation. PayPal lets the donors donate money via their PayPal account and if they don’t have access to credit card account then they can send your donations through their credit card. The PayPal Donation is extremely simple and can be used by the beginners.

The PayPal Donation is the fastest and also the easiest way of collecting donations. The shortcode and widgets can be found easily and added to a page, sidebar or post. It supports 25 currencies.

Seamless Donations 

WordPress Donation Plugins

This WordPress Donation plugin is similar to its alternatives. It is available for free. It takes 5 minutes to install this plugin. It can also track donors and has a worldwide currency support.

It has a strong currency and a language support which enables a user to receive donations from around the world.


WordPress Donation Plugins

Donorbox is a cross-platform donation plugin that perfectly integrates with WordPress. Donorbox embeds onto the WordPress plugin instantly. It has a multi-step checkout feature, it also allows to add a donation meter to facilitate more donations.

It also supports PayPal Donation and it is Integrated with MailChimp and Salesforce.

Donation Content Locker

WordPress Donation Plugins

 With Donation Content Locker, you can block content from your audience and display it only to the one who will be donating. You will get pre-generated shortcodes and you can ask the visitors for a minimum donation, this donation can only be set by you and you alone. And only you will be able to access it as you are the admin. Once the donation is made, the person will receive an activation link to make all the locked content visible.

Donation Content Locker often integrates with five payment gateways the list includes PayPal and Authorize.Net. A visual editor will let you modify the content of your donation box. The best part is the donors are always remembered, so that they can revisit content after they have made their payment. This plugin is an easy and interesting way to monetize your website and ultimately increase donations.

Are you into Cryptocurrency or are you a Cryptocurrency ethusiast? Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds. Cryptocurrency operates independently without a leash and there is no central control involved in Cryptocurrency. Well, the reason why I suddenly dived into Crptocurrency is that you can donate Bitcoins in WordPress community using Bitcoin Donation plugin.

Bitcoin Donation

WordPress Donation Plugins

If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to make payments or if you want people to donate you Bitcoins then you can dive into Bitcoin Donation and accept Bitcoins as donation, obviously! This is a new and a premium plugin that has been created specially for the charities that are looking to raise money via Bitcoin.

Without Bitcoin Donation plugin you can easily add donation requests and forms anywhere on your WordPress website using simple widgets and shortscodes. You get the chance of creating unlimited donation requests and customize the donation right from the text. And then all you’ve got left to do is add your Bitcoin address to start accepting donations in Bitcoin.

These Plugins are the best WordPress Donation Plugins out there. They are different from each other but they serve the same purpose. A donation is an act of goodwill and we should never forget this. You can share your experience with more donations plugins. And i’ll absolutely like to hear it from you.
Live Long And Prosper.