Every time I check out new sites, I always get to think about what people should not do on their own blogs or the mistakes that I made when I first started blogging.

Some of the design elements, content, and formatting a publication. I’m sure there are many more, but how you treat your own blog to these 13 things in mind.

There’s nothing worse than a blog that is not convenient. You can have stellar content, but if it is difficult to access, if your blog is clumsy and navigation problems turn your readers off, well, what’s the point?

13 Blogger things should not do

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Do not overcrowd the navigation bar too many options.
Like the 5-year-olds, who are offered the choice of 12 flavors of ice cream, most readers are paralyzed when they are faced with too many options. And if they paused in indecision, a normal reaction just get the hell with it, because things become too complex.

Make sure that people know who you are and what you are doing right now.
I am a supporter of knowing that bracket blog that when I land on it. Whether it’s your title, the name of your blog or your slogan, give it to me quickly and easily.

Do not go for bold or italics overload.
Best Use bold and italics if you want to highlight the idea or point. But all the courses are very difficult to read. Use these formats sparingly and only when you want your readers to focus on the important part of the content.

Do not add icons social media connections, if you are not active on these platforms.
This would seem like a no-brainer, but I actually have customers ask me to put “those cool buttons” on his blog Sometimes when I ask them. “Do you tweet regularly,” They will say: “I really not have a Twitter account, but I saw them on the site of one of Mary, and I loved them. ”


Never bury your contact details deep in footnote 6-point font.
If it is not large and in-their-face, they’re not going to find it. Make it easy to contact you, because if you do not, well, that defeats the purpose of your blog. At the very least, make it very visible on the home page, in the navigation pane, and a link to your page about.

Do not write your email address so that the collectors can penetrate and capture it.
These unfortunate people are looking for ways to build their email lists, mass mailings, selling products for profit, and even commit fraud through phishing and other schemes. Some effective ways to stop the collection should put the word “point” and “the COM” or put your email address in the image.

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Do not clutter your sidebars useless widgets.
Surprising as it seems, some bloggers still in the world, something I like, instead of what-my-willed type readers. Each widget has to serve a purpose and contribute to the goal of maintaining readers on the website and move them to move your content. So there are no “top 10 songs of Elvis” or “Daytime temperatures in Belize,” if they do not have something to do with the content of your site (for example, a blog about ’50s rock’ n ‘roll or Central blog American tour).
And consider using a customized Sidebar.

Do not forget to make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog.
If your goal is to create a list of email addresses, make sure that people can easily subscribe to your blog. This can be done in the sidebar at the end of posts or so, even the pop-up window. Maybe it is as simple as a menu item. If not, then even a simple RSS icon will be enough.

Hide your Facebook or Twitter feed, when the last time you wrote something that was 6 months ago, and it was what you ate for breakfast.
Be proactive and talk on social media platforms you choose to connect with readers. They should serve as a vote to extend the brand of your blog. People who visit your blog and decided to follow you probably will want to learn more about what you are blogging about. People who care about their privacy and pleasure, they will find you anyway.

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Do not forget to add a button to the action and make it easy for readers to share your content.
Of course, people do not share the same with the help of these buttons but do not make them search for ways to push your content when they are ready. If they can do it in just one click, they will be more likely to pass your excellent content on par with others in their networks.

Do not use large, dark backgrounds with a lot of hard-to-read white text.
In addition to making you look so 1990s, a blog with white letters on a black background will have most people look strabismus in about five seconds. I’m surprised by how often I still see it.

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Do not create a rigid and boring About page.
This is often the second largest scanned page on his blog after your home page. This is your chance to let your readers closer and show them some of your personality. Remember that your goal is to be so intriguing that they want to contact you.

And finally, do not hit that publish button on your blog until you’re ready to send it to the world.
Remember, as soon as there is no turning back. If you are in doubt, refrain from hitting that button immediately. Let it sit for a while and come back to it.