Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has remained as the number one choice of beginners as well as experts for content management. The platform provides a free and open-source content management system (CMS), which is based upon two popular computer languages: PHP and MYSQL. Another reason for being developers’ favorite for so many years is lack of the need for coding skills. The CMS comes with pre-installed plugins that enable anyone and everyone build and own a website without any hassle.

Although WordPress has gone through several changes to meet every generation’s needs, some of the WordPress blogs which have helped many beginners and professionals land up on the positions they are today, are mentioned below. So, let’s have a quick look at the top five WP blogs that can help you kickstart your online businesses with ease. Here we go!


Described as the simplest and most informative beginner’s guide to WordPress, one can find various easy to understand blogs, articles, and tutorials on the site, which have been developed focusing on beginners. The tutorials guide individuals by providing step-by-step methods to create good content for their websites. The mind behind the site’s creation belongs to Syed Balkhi, a Pakistani American entrepreneur, and his team. The blog provides information on many various categories such as WordPress news, reviews, themes, plugins, coupons, and deals to help the developers and bloggers derive ideas from the site.

Elegant Themes Blog

The second position goes to Elegant Themes Blog due to the wide availability of beautiful and complex themes, which can be used for providing a fresh look to any website. Apart from the huge array of themes, the blog also consists of many WordPress plugins, templates, guides, and tutorials to help bloggers and businesses have a seamless experience on WordPress.


For businessmen and professionals, WPMU DEV Blog is the easiest yet most advanced way of creating content, designing website, and attracting traffic to their respective businesses. The WordPress blog is loaded with features such as templates, plugins, security, updates, marketing and SEO tools for helping individuals with their website. Furthermore, the additional¬†features of the website also include expert support to help individuals get fully customized solutions according to the every customer’s needs.

CodeinWP Blog

The CodeinWP WordPress Blog has been the favorite for many customers as the platform not only helps beginners set up their own WP site, but also offers many simple and easy to understand articles describing the various aspects of WordPress. As a step-by-step guide, the blog always stays by one’s side to enhance the creation of a WordPress-powered website. Moreover, the blog is updated weekly so as to provide its users with advanced plugins, templates, and many more.


Unique in its features, WPKube provides an authentic platform for users where one can go through genuine reviews on other WordPress products to choose the best one from the myriad of options available. The blog also features many tutorials and guides allowing its users learn many aspects of WordPress and use them in their businesses. Additionally, the site also does listings, teaches various tips and tricks on WordPress, and provides comparative articles between various blogs as an additional benefit for its users.