What would WordPress have been, if there were no pluggins? Sounds exasperating, right? Well, when it comes to web designing, WP has showered its users community with a myriad option of pre-designed plugins, templates, themes, and a lot more. And, in the ocean of plugins in WordPress, newbies, usually, are stuck with confusion on which plugin to choose and which one to skip to make their website look tidy and professional too.

In this article, we have tried listing out five of the most essential, beneficial, and almost free-to-use WordPress plugins, which can be used to give a new look to any website and create a new source of attracting audience.

Contact Form 7

WordPress understands that a website is not fully complete until and unless it has a “Contact Us” tab. For this, it has developed the most commonly used plugin, Contact Form 7. The contact form serves as an interconnecting link between a website and its target audience. But managing these contact forms, while ensuring that it does not seem like the same monotonous contact form pages, can be really tiresome work. In such situations, Contact Form 7 comes as a rescue. Free from the hassles of coding, the simple Contact Form 7 plugin allows users create and publish beautiful contact forms instantly, attracting site visitors to land up to your inbox.

Yoast SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of creating a website. The SEO of a website’s content decides its analytics, customer retention and return. No matter how much elaborated content one has put on his website, unless the SEO is good, no search engine will pull it to the topmost ranks. So, in the ongoing fight between companies to attract the largest number of audience, Yoast SEO literally helps a lot in deciding the fate of a website. Right from helping with density of target keywords and optimization of the headline of posts, to enhancing the readability of content, the Yoast SEO has made on-page search engine optimization a cake walk for everyone.

Akismet – Anti Spam

A really beautiful website can be completely destroyed with the presence of spamming emails, contents, or adds, by infuriating the website users. To save a website from such nuisance of spammers, sometimes companies pay hefty amounts to web developers to detect these spammers and keep them at bay. However, with the launch of Akismet-Anti Spam, it has become possible for companies and individuals to ward off spamming from their websites at a value that is almost free. However, you can download the premium version of the plugin at a cost to make your website more professional.

TinyMCE Advanced

While uploading content in WordPress, the most tedious affair is to search for the basic ‘Settings’ options to change font size, font style, the color of the text, etc. Although this is not an issue for WordPress experts, beginners might be really fascinated with this simple free-to-use plugin. TinyMCE Advanced, a small yet fully-loaded tool, provides the option to add, remove, and rearrange buttons available in the Visual Editor toolbar. The plugin also allows its users to configure up to four rows for a better-streamlined backend experience.

WordFence Security

Website security has become a primary concern these days as everything is prone to hacks and cyber attacks. WordFence Security, here, acts as one of the helping hands by providing a number of facilities which are done automatically, once the plugin is installed. Considered as one of the most sought after security plugins, WordFence Security provides WordPress core file integrity authentication and repair, protection from malware, viruses, and fake Google Crawlers, and more. The plugin also has a firewall which offers many unique features like IP Whitelisting, IP Blocking, analysis on real-time traffic including Google Crawlers, RSS Feed Readers, and more, which is not provided by Google Analytics.