In case you’re wondering, what a Stripe Donate Button is, then let me explain this to you. Stripe donate button is one of the easiest online payment methods. It allows users to collect donations, make online payments or sell products without using e-commerce plugins. Now you have to simply use a payment form to make all this possible.

Here we’ll learn to add a Stripe donate button in WordPress. Let’s start:

Requirements To Enable Stripe Donations On Your Website:

  1. First, you need to create a  Stripe account which is free of cost.
  2. Next, you need to have an SSL enabled WordPress website. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which helps to secure your website for making safe online payments.
  3. At last, a WordPress extension to connect your Stripe account. Here WPForms will be used in the process.

Stripe addon in these WPForms helps to accept donations, one-time payments, and subscription payments.

Steps To Add The Stripe Donate Button In WordPress:

Step 1: Install and activate the WPForms plugins.

Step 2: After activation, click WPForms and select Settings from the left menu. Then enter your license key.

wpforms license key

Step 3: Then move to Addons present on the WPForms.  Tap on the ‘Install Addon’ button present below the Stripe addon box. Than WPForms will install and activate the Stripe addon.


Next, we need to connect the WPForms with the Stripe account for making payments.

Step 4: Again move to WPForms then Settings page and click on the Payments option.

Payment option

It will then ask you to enter Stripe API keys. The API keys can be found in your Stripe dashboard.

Step 5: Log in to your Stripe account. Visit the Developers tab and select API keys option from the left menu.

API keys

Now you need to have two sets of keys, one for testing and another for the published website.

Step 6:  You can easily view the publishable key present in the standard keys. First, copy and paste the public key. Then click on the ‘Reveal key token’ to copy and paste the secret key.

Publishable keys, Stripe donate button

Step 7: Then click on the ‘View test data’ toggle and copy and paste the test API keys.

API test keys, Stripe donate button

Once you’re done with pasting the API keys, you can switch your payment setting into test mode. You can test Stripe integration without making any transaction with this mode. For making transactions or accepting donations you must untick the test mode.

Click on the ‘Save settings’ button to save the changes.

test mode and save settings

Now we’ll learn to create a Stripe donation form in WordPress.

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Steps to create a Stripe Donation Form:

Step 1: Go to WPForms and select the ‘Add New’ page to create a form. Select a template and provide a name for the form. You have to select the ‘Donation Form’ template.

Donation form

 Then a WP forms builder interface will appear along with your donation template. It is a drag and drop form builder. You can insert, edit, rearrange fields from the left column.

The template will consist of some commonly required fields for donation form like name, email, donation amount, and message.

Donation form

As we’re creating a Stripe payments form, we need to add a credit card field to the form.

Step 2: ‘Credit Card’ option is present under the ‘Payment Fields’ section on the left column. Click on the option and drag and drop into the template. Rearrange its position in the form accordingly.

Inserting Credit Card

Step 3: After the form is created, click on the Payments tab to edit the payment settings. The tab is present at the left side of the screen.

Step 4: Select Stripe as your mode of payment. Thereafter tick mark the ‘Enable Stripe Payments’ option.

You can put a description for your payment in the below-given space. In case you want to send a receipt to the donor, you can choose the email field. It also allows you to set up recurring donations or subscriptions.


Step 5: Click on the Settings tab and select confirmation. It will help to set up confirmation settings. You can select different types present in the confirmation options. You can send a simple ‘thank you’ message or redirect them to the next page or URL.

After the confirmation is done, click on the save button and exit the page.

Confirmation Settings

Inserting Stripe Donation Form In WordPress:

It is easy with WPForms to add forms anywhere on the website.

Step 1: We just need to edit the page where we want to insert the donation form.

Step 2: Then add the WPForms block to the content and select the created donation form.

The WPForms will insert the form you wanted in action.


embed form, Stripe donate button

The donation form can also be added to the sidebar or widget areas.

Step 1: Visit the ‘Appearance’ tab and select the Widgets option. Now we can add WPForms to a sidebar.

Widget option, Stripe donate button

Step 2: Then select your donation form in the widget settings. Thereafter select the save option to save your widget settings.

So, these were some steps to add a stripe donate button to your WordPress. We hope it was informative to you.