What Is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a block editor of WordPress 5.o. The editor changes the editing experience of a user with its block-based approach.  This Block Editor provides ample options for its users to make viewable content. It has made various improvements to streamline the designs. The new editor brings flexibility over designs with the use of blocks. What are blocks and how will it bring flexibility?

Blocks are tools used for making interesting content. It can help you use multimedia content with fewer technicalities. It can be anything including regular texts, images, videos, widgets, buttons, tables, etc. Instead of using lots of code, you can just add a block to your content. There is no need to be an expert to develop custom posts and pages. You can use various default blocks present in Gutenberg.

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Gutenberg 5.9 Improvements

The block editor has made major changes with some features. Gutenberg 5.9  has more than 24 solutions for both desktop and mobile bugs. Though the new version is slightly slower than its previous performance. The loading time has a point difference from 4.8 to 4.9 seconds. The keypress event has slipped from 62.8ms to 66.3ms.

The release involved more than 40 contributors. Gutenberg 5.9 has made improvements in its grouping/ungrouping features. The users can now easily select blocks and group/ungroup blocks inside a container block. After a group of blocks is placed inside a container, it can be moved easily by using up/down controls.

grouping blocksSome usability improvisation has also been made to the nested blocks. Now the users can click through each layer to reach the deepest nested blocks. The user can also configure each block.

The release has also added a new type of notices called “Snackbar”. This notice shows a brief message about task completion at the bottom screen. It is a small pop-up message that clears out after a few seconds of its appearance. This notification is less distractive for the users. It will also notify for post saving/publishing, reusable block creations, and other actions.

All these improvements will contribute to visual enhancements to blocks. It also covers other UI components such as a redesign of the Table block placeholder, refactoring and consolidation of drop-down menus and in the Spacer block.

 Source: WP TAVERN