Starting from its initiation, dating all the way back to the early 2000s, WordPress has since come a long way. Though it is more remotely associated with blogging WordPress has far more utilization in the world of internet. So, in this post, we will discuss the various possibilities that WordPress brings to the table. It includes uses such as affiliate marketing, E-commerce business, online bookings, etc. The CMS even led to the formation of many forums which is a pivotal platform for the exchange of information. So, let’s have a glance at the different Uses of WordPress.

What are the Different Uses of WordPress.?

Let us check these out one-by-one.

Affiliate Marketing

Nothing is more awesome than the fact that WordPress enables its users to earn money by the concept of affiliate marketing. Well, in case you have no idea what we are talking about, then in affiliate marketing, you have to host advertisements that will market various brands and their respective products. when a visitor on your website clicks on these Ads, you the site owner will earn money on basis of that.

There are plugins that will take care of this thing which you can integrate on your sites. here are some plugins that will do the job just fine.

Affiliate Manager

It will enable you to provide correct commissions and track referrals and affiliates that are redirected to your sites. One of its biggest advantages is there is no limit on how many affiliates you can sign up. Also, you can keep track of real-time sales with this plugin.

Thirsty Affiliates

It will help create appealing links to connect the content with relevant products. All it will require is a single click. It will also help you maintain the accurate sales tracking of your business.

Make Directory Websites

These days there are a number of the business that is rising both over the internet and in the real world as well. So, having a directory that can provide the latest and accurate information about these businesses is an important requirement. Here is the moment where WordPress can be very effective. You can make use of plugins to list up the various important firms working in various domains. here are two such plugins that will help.

Sabai Directory

This extension enables you to build a community-driven business directory. It makes use of customizable maps that helps the users detect various business organizations as per their requirements.

Geo Directory

It will help you create a customizable list of businesses that provides an efficient user experience. This extension is fully compatible with all websites. You can literally add millions of listings to your site.

Online Bookings

Scheduling appointments have never been so easy, thanks to WordPress and the amazing plugins it provides. Here we have put up two such extensions that will make it easy for you to book appointments.

Gravity Form

It allows you to create advanced forms in a secure and simple manner. You can add many integrations to your contact form.


Different Uses of WordPress

It is primarily a premium plugin and is a very responsive booking system. It brings built-in shopping carts and WooCommerce integration. It brings multilanguage support, PayPal integration, etc. Also, it empowers flexible admin settings.

Invoice Making

Manual invoice making is quite a time taking process, so here WordPress plugins come in handy. here you can check out some plugins that serve the purpose.

Sprout Invoices

Different Uses of WordPress

This extension brings customizable templates to fit with your site’s theme. It also accepts all kinds of the latest payment methods. The free version of this plugin comes with PayPal payments.

Sliced Invoices

Different Uses of WordPress

Another great plugin that accepts payment in almost any currency and it supports PayPal Express Checkout. It also supports offline payment, invoice exporting.

User Support with Knowledge Base

Thousands of visitors access various websites in a day. Many of them have a lot of queries. o, to deal with that Knowledge Base can help a lot. It is the support platform which will be very helpful for people by providing them knowledge over their respective queries. So, let’s check out some plugins that can come in handy for the purpose.

WP Knowledgebase

Different Uses of WordPress

It enables visitors to find their way to meaningful articles featuring answers that use predictive text search engines. It simplifies and narrows down the search process. Additionally, it is very easily customizable.

Heroic Knowledgebase

Different Uses of WordPress

This is a premium grade extension to add efficient knowledgebase to a website. Its features include article attachments, content re-ordering, instant query solving, etc.

Dependable E-commerce platform

One of the major uses of WordPress can be done for E-Commerce. Already, there are a plethora of customers and sellers who do business every day on an online platform. There are lots of plugins out there, some of which we have mentioned here.

ZetaMatic’s Mailchimp NewsLetter Discount

This is a this is a premium plugin by ZetaMatic . As an admin of E-commerce site, you can install this to provide a unique discount to your visitor if he subscribes to your newsletter updates.


Shopify has its standalone integration with WordPress. It will enable you to sell items on your blog or WordPress website. It creates a storefront connecting to Shopify’s platform. Adding icing to the cake it brings a great scope of customization as well.


Different Uses of WordPress

It is one of the best plugins in the industry when it comes to E-commerce. WooCommerce brings a complete package of tools, functionality integrations including PayPal standard gateway, check and bank transfer, Google Analytics, basic options for shipping.

So, these are the different uses of WordPress which you can take advantage of in various domains. We hope this post was informative for you.