Every WordPress theme comes with its own specific design, color scheme, and content creation set-up which may or may not be the liking of its users. Hence, users often go through a lot of turmoil to make changes to the design of their WordPress themes.

In this article, we have placed the top five easiest steps for changing the design of a WordPress theme. Let’s have a look at them.

Five Easiest Steps to Change Design of a WordPress Theme

a) Changing WordPress Display

Changing the overall font of the design is the most feasible way of making a difference in the way a website looks. This includes changing the color scheme, adding separate fonts to different parts of the page, adding or removing header images, setting up site logos, and more. One can also customize the content for static pages by changing the default option for adding an enhanced flair to the site’s display.

b) Fixing with Plugins

Sometimes changing themes and fonts may not be allowed in the WordPress theme one is currently working on, which can be pretty intimidating to the users. To resolve this issue, one can install additional plugins to make changes as desired. Although, the market is flooding with lots of quick-fix plugins, installing many of them can also put an adverse effect on the website’s performance.

c) Using Page-Builder Plugins

Page-builder plugins can be used when a user is happy with a particular theme but wants to customize the landing pages, or content box by adding a few complicated page designs. While many page-builder plugins come with a variety of layout designs, others offer full customization of the content area without actually changing the WordPress theme design. These plugins can be used to build pages with multiple columns and layouts often suitable for landing pages, about pages, and more.

d) Changing CSS

This can be done by coders who have some basic knowledge of CSS Programming. Similar to HTML, CSS is a programming language which typically manages how your website is being displayed. Hence, to change the CSS of your current WordPress theme, you can highlight the area you want to change and then press on ‘Ctrl+Shift+I’ to inspect and then add on the desired changes.

e) Using a Child Theme

Using a child theme offers a great chance of customizing WordPress theme designs as per one’s wants. From completely changing the looks of a website to performing minute changes, child theme provides all. But, the most important thing to remember while using a child theme is to set up a staged site so as to keep the WordPress website and content secure in case of automatic or manual updates.

Here were some of the basic steps to improve the look of a WordPress website. In case you are interested to know more about any of the above-mentioned points, please leave a comment in the comment section below.