Get Started with WordPress Team Members Plugins

WordPress Team Members Plugins

In this post, we will have a look at few WordPress Team Members plugins that you would need in order to show the members on your team. If you are running a blog or a business that involves multiple people and you want to show them on your About us page, then you would need a team member plugin. So, without wasting any more time lets discuss those team member plugins that can make your work easy.

1. Team Showcase

Team Showcase is a premium WordPress plugin that can be used to showcase your team. This plugin can be used to display set of pictures and information in various layouts. The main purpose of this plugin is to display the team/employee, but it can be used for other purposes.

This can also be used to display members or staffs by category which can make it even more interesting. You can also use it to display recommendations or other types of content that require images and text.


  1. 4 ways to display members
  2. Multiple layout combinations
  3. Reordering can be dragged and dropped
  4. One page for each entry
  5. Customizable and easy to use.


WordPress Team Members Plugins

2. TLP Team

It is a free WordPress plugin that is mobile friendly and fully responsive. You can show your team members in different layouts, such as grids and isotopes.

The TLP team plugin allows you to create 5 different layouts and themes. You can choose a layout to get a square or circular profile image. Therefore, you can easily arrange team member profiles using square or circular outline images.


  1. Mobile friendly and fully responsive
  2. 5 different layouts
  3. Custom meta filed
  4. Shortcode Generator
  5. Color control
  6. Image Size option
  7. Widget
  8. Primary color control
  9. Detail link (Yes/No)

WordPress Team Members Plugins

3. Team WD

Team WD Plugin is a perfect solution to show your employees, team or employees on your WordPress site. You can create unlimited teams and display employee files in an attractive and easy way.

Team WD has paid and free versions and the team plug-in comes with a series of interactive designs and layouts, so you can display team members in different formats. Better yet, the Team WD plug-in can be fully configured from the management area, so you can make changes as you think.


Features vary as per the plan. Plans start at $20.


WordPress Team Members Plugins

4. Team Builder

Similar to team presentation plug-ins, team builders build wonderful team presentations on your website. With this plug-in, you can create great team presentations in a short period of time.

Thanks to the powerful administrator builder and shortcode, handling Team Builder is very simple and fun. The best thing is to use this plugin to create amazing recommendations or logo shows.

The team builder is the most beautiful team demonstrating the WordPress plugin and has the most advanced management builder on the market. The last thing is to save a lot of time and inspire you to create something unique and fresh.

  1. Visual Composer support.
  2. Profile sliding panels with 5 themes and WordPress native visual/HTML editor.
  3. Different layouts: grid, sliders, tables, widgets.
  4. Absolute freedom on design customization: colors, font settings, spacings, an arrangement of elements etc.
  5. Visual drag and drop admin builder.
  6. Fully responsive.
  7. Modern skill bars and star bars.
  8. Team filtering by departments or any tags

WordPress Team Members Plugins


5. My Team Showcase

The WordPress team plugin is the perfect version of the WordPress plugin that can display and manage your team and clients as responsive grids or dynamic sliders. You have a variety of special themes and effects that can help you present your team in a variety of different ways.

Team Showcase is the best up to date plugin which can be used to create various teams with wonderful designs and multiple options for WordPress.


  1. 10 Predefined Responsive Themes
  2. Grid Showcase
  3. Slider Showcase
  4. Filter Showcase
  5. Inside Page
  6. Custom Link for each Member
  7. Fully Responsive
  8. Special Colors
  9. Multi-Language

WordPress Team Members Plugins





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