On 7th April, HubSpot launched CMS Hub a content management system that provides speed, protection, and scalability to fast-growing businesses.

Unlike conventional content management systems, which are becoming more difficult to use over time. CMS Hub grows in line with business development and takes the pressure out of software management. It allows users to concentrate on building amazing website experiences for their customers.

CMS Center includes two levels: Enterprise, and Professional. That gives users and businesses the freedom to choose a CMS that best suits their growth stage.

As part of HubSpot’s all-on-one connected platform, users can get the advantages of collaborating with a content management system that combines with best-in-class marketing, sales, support, and CRM software.

Competitive content management systems like WordPress are becoming more restrictive, as they are being challenged to do more. For certain cases, even small improvements to websites include marketer content, IT department supervision and developer execution that slows down users.

Two Level Tiers


CMS Hub’s professional tier helps businesses to control their websites as they expand without having to worry about their CMS speed, security or reliability. HubSpot also provides 24/7 vulnerability detection and a web application firewall to eliminate the burden from maintenance while allowing users to spend less time focused on their systems and more time enhancing customer experience.


The enterprise tier provides all of the functionality found in Professional as well as the ability to retain governance and power, create custom web app experiences and manage multiple domains from one location.


Drag-and-drop editor

The design of web pages used to be the work of web developers. CMS Hub also brings drag-and-drop features to it. Moreover, this allows beginners and experts with no coding experience to create beautiful websites. If you use WordPress, you may have experienced such an environment using a page builder. And you will see a similar page editing experience in the CMS Hub.

SEO Simplified

Hubspot is bringing SEO to a new level. It allows you to check the SEO Recommendations for your domains hosted by Hubspot. You can see a list of recommendations after clicking on the menu. And the impact is going to have if you fix the issue. You can also check issues pagewise. After clicking the fix button, you will be directed to the editor and the section where the issue is located.


Using one of the website themes pre-constructed by HubSpot with the custom creation option. Build a coherent site without worrying about unparalleled designs, logos or navigation. Moreover, You can choose from a range of templates and start your website quickly. Also, if you want to change anything in that template, you can do that too.

Multi-language content creation

Manage multiple language domains quickly, and optimize each for SEO. Lets users switch between languages.

Adaptive Testing

Your website is constantly configured with ease. Choose up to five-page variations, and HubSpot will track the best performing alternative and serve it up.

Users can continuously track site performance, optimize for results and impact their most important business metrics with A / B testing and contact attribution reporting.

In a press release, Angela DeFranco, director of product management at HubSpot clarified how CMS Hub makes website management less difficult than the competition, saying:

“Marketers at growing companies have a lot of things to think about — their CMS should not be one of them. Most CMS platforms available today make website management more complicated and painful as time goes by. They put a limit on what’s possible. They have a ceiling. But rapidly scaling companies don’t. I’m delighted that with CMS Hub, we’re offering users a powerful system that removes unnecessary gatekeepers, democratizes the web management process, and makes it easy for them to execute their boldest ideas.”

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