In this blog, we will discuss the List of 5 Best WordPress Options Frameworks available online for you to use. I have used these recently, so I’m still learning and sharing my experience. I have explained this topic in a simple way to help you understand easily.

The WordPress Options Framework, also known as the Options Theme Framework. It has all the core code components for building a fully functional options panel in the theme directly without depending on any plugin. Hence, these WordPress options frameworks give a jumpstart to developers who wish to build a custom options panel in their theme.

If you want to code your own custom options framework, then you must have a good knowledge of WordPress, the Settings API, and theme customization API, also, programming languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript. Learning and creating these takes a great amount of time. Some of these frameworks are beginner-friendly.

Here are some best WordPress Theme Options frameworks.

You can use to create complex options panel in no time and with ease.

1. OptionTree

OptionTree - WordPress Theme Options framework

OptionTree is a powerful options framework plugin. It has over 100,000 active installs. This can help developers, designers create a fully responsive options framework with ease. If you are a beginner, then we recommend you to check the documentation of it before starting to explore the plugin.

You can create simple text fields, date picker, checkbox, tab sections, slider, radio, time picker, On/Off options, radio image options and more. It supports over 40 options types. When you add an option to the Settings page, it will be available on the Theme Options page for your theme.

Also, you will find creating options, option types, references, theme mode, meta boxes, code examples, layout overview information on the documentation page.

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2. Redux Framework

redux framework - wordpress options framework

Redux Framework is a very popular options framework. It has over 800,000 active installs. We can use it as a plugin or built into a theme/framework for adding options. Redux is fully responsive and fast. Redux is integrated with the ajax_saving for improving the load time. Also, allows you to import and export posts, comments, settings from other services like blogger, LiveJournal, RSS, Tumblr, WordPress, etc.

It supports over 30 field types. Also, you can extend its features by buying premium extensions. It’s a translation ready product, and you may also generate it according to your need just by creating a free account at their site.

If you are a beginner, you can refer to its documentation for more detailed information.

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3. Kirki Customizer Framework

kirki customizer framework - wordpress options framework

Kirki is another popular and open-source WordPress options customizer framework, which has over 300,000 active installs. It offers a set of tools with which developers can build rich user experiences with minimum coding. Many options framework don’t incline with the Customizer API but Kirki integrates and works fine with the Customizer API. Also, it adds more customization options to the Customizer itself.

Therefore, it gives you the flexibility of using the WordPress Customizer API and the default WordPress functions and enhances the development workflow. You can create panels, sections, and custom fields within the Customizer. You can add options like checkbox, color customizer, code customizer, image customizer, link customizer options and more, also few premium customizer options are also available.

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4. UpThemes Framework

UpThemes Framework - WordPress Options framework

The UpThemes framework is a very light-weight and powerful options framework. It uses the WordPress Customizer API and Settings API to make the options panel light-weight and easy-to-use. UpThemes Framework uses the built-in WordPress media uploader for increasing security and less code.

The framework makes it easy to choose the layout and the color scheme of your website. Also, it allows you to preview every option, including instant updates of the header and background image. You can download the framework from GitHub or directly from their website. You will find a lot of guides with detailed information for installing and using the framework.

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5. Propanel (Paid)

ProPanel options framework - WordPress Options Framework

ProPanel framework is an easy-to-use options framework that enables you to create a fully functional options panel in any WordPress theme that you use. It’s a paid options framework that costs $19. Whether you are a Pro Developer or a beginner, you will have no issues using this options framework. It blends seamlessly with the WordPress dashboard.

You can create 10 option types with this framework, some of those are Text fields, checkbox, radio button, image radio button, color picker, image uploader, drop-down list, info box and more. TrueThemes has developed this framework, which is an elite author in Code Canyon.

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Our Opinion

WordPress Theme Options Frameworks save a lot of development time for developers by helping them build their theme options quickly and conveniently without starting from scratch. Because of that, choosing a good theme options framework is a really great idea.

Some other options frameworks like Options Framework, Titan Framework, Acera Options Framework, and Fluent Framework are no longer maintained or available, so I don’t recommend using these.

You can try using any of the above WordPress Options Frameworks; These are active frameworks. Choosing a discontinued framework can cause security issues for your theme. Community support is good for the above options framework plugins. If you need any support, there will be other users who can help you solve your issues quickly.

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