The buyers spend their well-deserved dollars on items or products and so do people, they too like to spend their cash admirably. So its important for a seller to demonstrate the item and its benefit to the clients/buyers and the people want to know whether others had some ordeal after buying the product or not. Have you tried WordPress Testimonial Plugin, yet? If you haven’t then let me tell you – The solid social evidence is the key and the social proof is powerful enough to successfully empowering new purchasers. Social Proof is powerful and we use it all the time in our day to day life to make the best decisions. In simple words, we even use it to decide whether to sign up to a newsletter or buy a product.

With social proof like testimonials, there will be an increase in credibility that furthermore will encourage both adoptions of things and acceptance of stuff, you also get a chance to communicate with all of your past clients and motivate them to email you with the reviews and satisfaction about their buy. Without the testimonials, you’d have to physically add them one-by-one to your site and you are going to have to style them accurately. But with WordPress’s Testimonial Plugins, you can make all of this happen, just like that.

With this Blog, I’ll be sharing a few tips that will come handy to you when you’ll BE using the testimonial plugins on your site. I’ve made a list of best plugins that are available for you to download, manage and yes, you can display testimonials on your WordPress site.

How do the Testimonial Plugins work?

These Plugins generally allow you to add testimonials to your website and gives you a variety of ways to make your testimonials look like widgets, slideshows, full page and much more. Some testimonials also offer various ways in which you can collect the testimonials of your clients just by adding a form to your website for your clients and visitors to fill in, you can also gather them for your website via social media.

There are a lot of Testimonial Plugins available in WordPress but here, I’ve listed a few top-notch plugins which are extremely popular and critically acclaimed.

Testimonial Basics

Testimonials Basics

Testimonial Basics is one of the coolest Testimonial plugins out there which is very simple and easy to use. With Testimonial Basics, you can easily add testimonials with much complications as the configuration is quite simple. It offers you many styling options that includes nine different fonts which you can use to customize the look easily even if you don’t have much idea about CSS. In many reviews, you’ll find that this plugin is a great choice as it comes with easy configuration. This plugin is a great choice for you if you don’t want to spend your time in messing with the codes in order to figure things out.

You’ll be happy to know that this plugin supports both five-star rating system and Gravatars and you don’t have to worry about uploading images given that the author of the testimonial has a Gravatar associated with his/her email address.

Input forms are included in this plugin in the form of shortcodes and widgets which will help you to collect the testimonials from customers/clients directly on your website. The best part of this plugin according to me is that you can also display your testimonials with shortcodes or widgets. And last but not the least, this plugin is also available in languages like French, Dutch, German, and Spanish.

Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Testimonial WordPress Plugin developed by Brandon John is a premium plugin that is available on Code Canyon. Among all the Testimonial Plugins, Testimonial WordPress Plugin is a highly rated plugin with a rating of 4.77 stars.

Just like a premium plugin. this plugin is packed with a lot of exciting new features. You will see a lot of display options for your testimonials right out of the box. You get to display Slider with thumbnails, Grid layout, Slideshow with full testimonials and star ratings, list layout in a widget or using a shortcode.

With this plugin you get to choose a variety of styling options which includes displaying the image on the top, bottom or either side of the testimonial, you can also display the testimonial as a speech bubble. It will also let you customize font-and-background colors, outlines, font types, and more. The best part about this plugin is that all the displays are extremely responsive which literally means they will look great on any size page or sidebar.

If you’re looking for the premium plugin then you should give this plugin a try, you won’t regret it ever.

Kudobuzz Testimonials

Kudobuzz Testimonial Plugin

This plugin might not be as popular as the other on the list with just more than 2,000 downloads, but it is a highly rated plugin that has some interesting features as it is very much different from the other plugins, I personally think that it is a great choice as a plugin.

Adding your own testimonials, Kudobuzz has the ability to gather positive mentions of you on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and blogs all over the web.

There is a simple thing you need to do in order to use this plugin and that is you’ll have to create an account at to use the plugin. And once you finish complete this step, you get an option to connect your social media accounts and once you do this it’ll automatically start tracking your mentions for you. And I think this is really a great feature and easy way to save mention more or less the complimentary mentions on social media. And after this is done on your part, you can simply use shortcodes to display your testimonials on a page or a post.

This plugin is very much a basic one and it doesn’t have much documentation but there is one thing for sure the functionality of this plugin is extremely useful. Hopefully, the future updates will develop this plugin and there is a possibility that we might just get the best testimonial plugin in the as it is developed.

Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials Plugin

As the name suggests this is an easy-to-use testimonial plugin. Easy Testimonials Plugin might be a basic plugin but it packs a lot of features. It is also one of the most popular plugins that have over 80,000 downloads and it also has a rating of 4.6 stars. This is the best testimonial plugin, period. Many developers use this of their sites as well.

With Easy Testimonials, you can display your testimonial as a customized widget or you can add them to any page or any post along with a lot of shortcodes. You also get an access to the Settings menu which you can use to generate your own shortcodes with custom display options. Pretty cool, right?

With this plugin, you also get the ability to control how the testimonials display this is by the best feature and the highlight of this plugin. You also get to choose over 30 different display styles for your testimonials and with which you can customize the look even if you don’t know CSS. And if you like to type in custom CSS to tune the display then there is a good news for you and that is there a field in the settings menu that lets you enter custom CSS.

This plugin is pretty user-friendly and simple to use, you have to see it to believe it. And there is one great thing about this plugin and that is the developer is very much responsive and the developer with help you out with any issues related to Easy Testimonials.

Some of its important features are-

  • It displays random testimonials in your posts, sidebars, or pages.
  • You can choose cool transition effects like fadeout or slides.
  • Like a product page, you can also link testimonials to a custom URL.

If you want to access more of its features then you can upgrade the free version to a Pro Version and with the Pro Version, you can collect all the testimonials on the front end of your website among some of its other features.

BNE Testimonials

BNE Testimonials

Like every other testimonial on the list, BNE Testimonials is another flexible option for managing and displaying testimonials. You should check this plugin out as there are over 3,000 active installations already and has a 4.9-star satisfaction rating.

You can add testimonials with Testimonials Slider via the “Write Post” screen in the WordPress administration. Each testimonial features a title, a featured image, website link, message, tagline and a category.

The Testimonials are displayed on the website as either a list or slider using shortcodes in pages or via a widget as per your convenience.  Customization options include the elements that are displayed, the sort order, and the style of the image. You can use the multiple instances of testimonials from displayed on the same page.

And you also get an option to upgrade to the Pro version. The Pro version adds an additional layout as well as front-end submission functionality that includes custom styling options, star ratings, and administrator notifications.

So here is the thing, you can easily add testimonials to your website manually and if you have the coding skills and a couple of simple testimonials to displays then setting up testimonials manually is a great option for you.

But using a testimonials plugin will provide you with an excellent range of options for not only managing and displaying testimonials on your site rather collecting the testimonials in the first place because using a plugin saves time and energy.

So, If you’re thinking to give testimonials plugins a try on your website then I’d recommend you to try out one or more of the WordPress testimonial plugins that I’ve listed out for you!