WordPress Plugins to Create a Mobile Friendly Website

Selection of Premium quality WordPress plugins helps you build the best WordPress websites.  Optimizing for mobile devices is essential. The widespread adoption of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, is changing the search experience and user experience from a limited world into a virtual experience. You must know about the WordPress Plugins to create a mobile friendly website With the generation of users accustomed to browsing to ensure that the largest number of users can have a satisfying mobile experience.

What does it mean for a Webmaster is that Google is a useful site that provides a mobile experience and punishes non-existent websites? Mobile-optimized sites receive higher ratings than desktop-only partners, especially when accessed through mobile devices, so ensuring the site is Mobile optimized for mobile is a sure step in the right direction to get more visibility. Adding to that notion, not all websites are mobile-friendly, and that your users will appreciate you for giving them a website and that you’ll be adding more to the competition.

If you have not taken steps to ensure that your site is optimized for the mobile experience, it’s time to do so. If not, you will officially stand behind the ball. Fortunately, these five great WordPress plugins are invaluable in bringing your site to the next level:


WordPress Plugins to Create a Mobile Friendly Website

WPtouch is a plugin that is currently used by over 5.5 million different blogs. Because of popularity, you can not judge the usefulness of a simple application, but the number of IDs it pulls is well accepted. WPtouch is “a complete mobile solution for WordPress” that claims to be compatible with almost any type of mobile device.

With WPtouch, you will be able to select responsive WPtouch themes that are four times faster than responsive web pages that are compatible with touch enhancements. In addition, the WPtouch plug-in has an “infinite cache” feature that saves the cache on mobile devices, making your website faster when accessed on mobile devices. The better the site, the better your users – and your rankings will be improved.

The only potential disadvantage of WPtouch is that unlike most WordPress plugins, it is not free to use. The basic version of the WPtouch is $49, although there are more advanced versions of plug-ins available and many other features.


WordPress Plugins to Create a Mobile Friendly Website


Jetpack is a single, adjustable plug-in that can optimize your site for mobile, improve site performance, and improve your SEO and user experience. The Jetpack plug-in includes 33 special features that are a comprehensive feature that helps improve many aspects of your site’s performance.

Jetpack, one of the main selling points of plug-ins, provides mobile themes that can be used to make WordPress sites responsive, so both desktop and mobile users can experience similar experiences when viewing sites. If you are familiar with CSS and bit PHP, you can also customize the Jetpack reaction theme.

In addition to mobile optimization, Jetpack offers a number of validation and site enhancement tools. For example, the “photon” feature can speed up your site and other features can integrate directly with your social profile.

Best of all, Jetpack is completely free to download and use. It is a relatively easy to learn plugin despite its many features, so it is a great beginner platform for experimenting if you are not confident in your abilities.

Obox Mobile

WordPress Plugins to Create a Mobile Friendly Website

Obox Mobile is a professional mobile plug-in with post sliders, social media sharing, and ad support. Widgets let you design your mobile theme’s homepage.

In the Settings area, you can upload a logo for your mobile theme, add custom CSS, and change the colors of the buttons and background.Mobile themes are fantastic.

This is one of the quickest ways to convert your website into a full-featured mobile website. You can accelerate your website, improve readability and enhance the user experience with Obox Mobile.

You can easily tag your mobile website by changing colors, fonts, logos, and backgrounds without writing a single line of code.


WordPress Plugins to Create a Mobile Friendly Website

Mobiloud is an advanced service that lets you create local website applications for Android and/or iOS. If you want to present a professional image and improve the reading experience of visitors, this is a good choice.

The plugin can automatically convert your website content into applications. The app can then be added to Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. It supports WordPress, DISQUS, and Facebook reviews. It also supports mobile advertising options such as Google Adsense and Admob.

The application looks amazing. It is optimized for quick navigation of your content and allows readers to save content for future offline reading. It also supports push notifications so that subscribers receive notifications when posting new posts.

Mobiloud is not cheap and is obviously aimed at high-profit websites; however, there is no doubt that it provides readers with a great user experience.

WP Mobile Edition

WordPress Plugins to Create a Mobile Friendly Website

This smart WordPress plugin for mobile optimization will automatically detect when your visitors land on your mobile or desktop web pages. The plugin then switches to the main WordPress theme or loads the mobile theme.

With WP Mobile Edition, visitors can choose a major theme or mobile theme and remember their choices on the next visit.

The plugin also handles your SEO needs. It automatically optimizes the SEO website. You can also use mobile ads to place and scripts on your visitors’ mobile screens.

Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems, the WP Mobile version may not be the most popular WordPress mobile optimization plugin, but it does work. In the end, this is what you want – isn’t it?

WP Mobile Detector

WordPress Plugins to Create a Mobile Friendly Website

WP Mobile Detector provides specific features to help bloggers and webmasters to start. This tool is simple and easy to use and provides a simpler system to create a WordPress Website without encountering problems. By using a plugin, you will have a WordPress theme mobile theme that will allow you to look beautiful on your website.

The WP Mobile device automatically detects the type of mobile device. The most popular tool for this plugin is to capture both the mobile and modern mobile devices.

On the good website, the plugin also offers the highest features such as content design, rotation statistics, and redirection. Given this, this is a possible plug and function that works for mobile users.