WordPress 5.9 Will Add a Language Switcher on the Login Screen

Do you want to know how to say your WordPress login in Portuguese, Polish, or Thai? That is about to change. WordPress 5.9 will include a language switcher on the login screen, the WordPress site’s backend interface, allowing users to sign up in their native language.

This new feature, which will be available in the coming weeks, is intended to improve the experience of non-English speakers on WordPress.org and increase participation in local communities.

The ability to change the language of the WordPress dashboard is one of the most requested features. This is especially important for large sites where not everyone speaks the same language.

The plugin allows you to easily translate your dashboard for non-English speakers and add a fullscreen switch button between the “Log In” and “Register” buttons.

A ticket was opened with WordPress Trac, WordPress’s issue tracker, four years ago, requesting the ability to switch between languages on the login screen. The ticket was opened because more than half of all WordPress sites (50.5 percent) use translations for non-English speaking locales.

It’s only natural for these users to want to register, log in, and reset their passwords in their native language… This is now possible thanks to a new language switcher on the login screen in WordPress 5.9.

WordPress 5.9 will add a new dropdown menu to the login screen that will display all currently installed languages. (In the admin, new languages can be added via the Settings > General screen.)

language switcher in WordPress 5.9

In a dev note for the new features

WordPress Core Committer Jb Audras demonstrated how developers can filter the default arguments for the languages dropdown. This could be useful for sites that have dozens of languages installed but only want a few of them to appear in the dropdown.

Last week, WordPress 5.9 beta 3 was released. The latest beta also includes the following features, in addition to the new language switcher:

  • FSE infrastructure from the Gutenberg plugin should be added to Core (#54335).
  • Allow PDFs to be embedded as objects (#54261)
  • REST API: Add a REST API endpoint for navigation areas from the Gutenberg plugin (#54393)
  • Themes: A fix for the bug with the Live Preview button (#54578)

RC1 is set for January 4, 2022, and will include a hard string freeze as well as a code freeze for both Gutenberg and core. Contributors also hope to publish the field guide with dev notes at this time.

If you have time to contribute during the upcoming holiday weeks, the 5.9 release team would appreciate more bug testing. Anne McCarthy has written a detailed guide for testing the full-site editing features that will be included in 5.9. Before reporting bugs on Trac or in the Alpha/Beta forums, testers should check the list of known issues.

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